Almost Enough for a football team

Well what a surprising night as a few old friends turned up out of the blue, Steve Adamson, Chris Patrick and Earl and John Daure. Another 6 musicians turned up hence the above title. Together with David our compere we sat back for whatever the night produced.

Blogger was first up with a “Paul Millns “number “History of a Kiss” Paul is a songwriter pianist who caught my attention a couple of years ago. This was followed by Kris Drever’s “If you took your love away” and in the second half “John Condon” and “Gotta get the monkey off your back” a self penned number. Modesty prevents me from stating that it was a truly memorable performance but unfortunately my fingers are not driven by modesty.

A very welcome back to a Mr John Daure, who ha been conspicuous  in his absence and apperared tonight with his carer Mr John Nixon and with his trusty Ipad pepared for the night. There was a prelude to all this as John started promptly at 8:30 with a rendition of “Sweet Home Alabama” but sadly we cant count that one as he was a bit premature. He assures me the tablets are working and this will not happen again. After we cleaned him up and perched him on his stool John gave us a couple of Loudon(My best mate) Wainwright III songs “Suddenly it’s Christmas” a very wry look at Xmas and how long we can stretch a solitary day into a seasonal 6/8 weeks. And remember it aint over til the tree is down! This was finely followed by an obvious aspiration of J’D “Another Lifetime” as apparently three score and ten is not enough for him(perhaps because he is to close to it) and would like at least the same again, just think how many more guitars you could buy John?

Having done his bit for care in the community Nixy was next up, and in complete opposite direction to JD called me “Man” twice. I think he has found the magic elixir of life. “Plastic Jesus was first up from John made famous by Paul Newman in Cool Hand Luke after his mother died. This rendition tells how the plastic Jesus prevents him from having accidents and also doubles as a hip flask. Excellent stuff John and still there is more. Bruce Springsteens “The River” rounded up Johns spot for the night and h resumed his carer duties until the end of the first half.

A new regular in the form of Steve Lampkin was up with his version of an old Irish Folk Song “My perfect cousin” by the Undertones. Steve is not adverse to showing how loud his guitar is and can belt out a crackin song along with it and this was no exception. Steve folloed in Nixys tread with Springstens “Dancing in the dark” In the second half Steve gave us a Simon Fowler number “Policeman Pirates” and as a result of the second half becoming a haven for self penned stuff entertained us with “Don’t bring me down” which had a very fergal Sharkey flavor to it Well done Steve.

Chris Thompson was our next Taxi from the rank, and during the warm up had played a few of the chords to this classic and the Blogger immediately correctly guessed it. This is always a good sign. As Chris sang Paul Wellers “Wildwood” and then a blast from the past and my wifes favourite Pink Floyd’s Shine on you crazy Diamond”  It is a tribute to former band member Syd Barrett, although it was not originally explicitly written with him in mind. This was followed in the second half with a couple of self penned numbers (who would have guessed we had all this untapped material) “Retirement song” written prior to Chris finishing his career as a Headteacher and “She never knew him” a sentimental love song. It has to be said that the Retirement song was very Beatlesque in flavour and well structured. Excellent stuff Chris.

An Old new face in the form of Chris Patrick was up next, Chris admitted he had lost his “Mojo” along the way musically speaking but thanks to the background musician in Michael Palins Brazil series had come back with renewed vigour and it was a joy to see and hear as his renewed energy unleashed”Till the cows come home” a self penned number as nearly all of his are and “Another Feather from my wings” and in the second half more to come in the shape of a beautiful song “Amanda Bell” about a fictional Mersey Ship that had it all. Chris then finished with a beautiful Christmas song which he declared as a work in progress, I wish I could make as much progress. I could hear Cliff singing this one it really nailed it for me. Well done Chris and don’t leave it so long next time.

Another old face making a return was EARL! Now Earl sings in one of the local choirs and continued the preseasonal  race to Christmas with a Johnny Mathis number “When a child is born” unaccompanied but well sang and delivered like the plethora of presents of the season. Sadly Earl could not stay with us for the second half, but hopefully he will be back for our Christmas show in a fortnight.

James Porter free from the constraints of his shift work was able to play in both halves instead of just the one. Hank Williams “I cant help it if I’m still in love with you” and “Send me some some loving by Sam Maracalso and Leo Price and recorded by Little Richard, Sam Cooke, The Crickets and John Lennon as well as Hank Williams Junior. A nice link up there. In the second half James offered up a Donavan number “To Sing for you” and rounded up with a personal favourite of mine a McGuiness Flint number “When I’m dead and gone” rounded off a rare double spot for James. Great stuff from “The Human Jukebox” JP.

An old Friend but his second appearance at Swan Acoustic Session was Steve Adamson an exceptional whistle player. Sadly I missed Steve last time with my trip to Scotland, however tonight was worth it as we used to play whistles together a lot more years than I care to remember.  Steves first offering was from the Film “The Mission” by Ennio Morricone and accompanied by his PC “Gabriels Oboe” Played on Steves lovely LOW D whistle. Another First for Swan Acoustic, Steve then continued with a song I used to sing whilst being taught to sing opera “Silent Worship” by Handel. Steve rounded up his second spot with a couple of tunes on the D Whistle first up was “Fanny Power” and finished a lovely spot with a session tune Si Bheag Si Mhor both  tunes of O’Carolan the Blind Harpist. Nice to see you again Steve and Please continue to turn up.

Last but certainly not least was Graeme Morrell who having patiently waited his turn did not disappoint us (as if he would )  Another Ipad in standard 14 font, and Graeme kicked off with a Ryan Adams number “Sweet Carolina’ and then a lovely rendition of Steeleye Span’s “Saucy Sailor” a first for me but excellently delivered. Graeme rounded off the night for us with a locally written number of Simon and Garfunkel “Homeward Bound” which encouraged a singalong with the rest of Swan Acoustic. Missipippi Blues number 2 then finally brought our night to a close and what a night it was we had everything and everybody. Well done Graeme and Thanks to Ian and the Pub as well as our Stalwart compere David Brimacombe. See you all in a fortnight for our Christmas special BCW

Posted on December 5, 2012 .