Last Swan Acoustic of 2012

Well here we are at the end of another year, and still going. This is thanks to you all who support the session throughout the year, it isn't always everyones cup of tea but the eclectic mix of both people and musical styles means you never know what you are going to get. so lets keep it up for 2013.

We stopped off to drop Christmas cards off so didnt get through the door until turned half-past eight, and what a pleasant surprise to see a full house (11 musos) Mike and Len had sent their apologies as had Gerry Cooper so the blogger quickly tuned up and tried to do a song only heard once that afternoon and very quickly forgotten so with true professionalism cast the pages aside and did a song with snow in it albeit "Easter Snow" well I am Irish. This was followed by "The Flower Seller" a song that comes into it's own at Xmas and in the second half "Dr Frankenstein" and a very croaky rod stewartesque "I was only Joking" this was not intentional but due to a heavy cold and chesty cough.

Chris Thompson without his safety net then kick started us proper with Boo Hewardines "Harvest Gypsies" a lovely rendition of a song frequently done by the missing Ian Taylor(Merry Xmas Ian) and this was followed by Chris's version of a new order song done in the style of The Oyster Band with a Chris Flavour as he sang "Love will tear us apart" but which was actually done by Joy Division. Nevertheless it was a great acoustic take on a classic. In the second half Chris gave us his rendition of another two classics firstly was a favourite of mine John Martyn's "May you Never" followed by Van the Mans "Warm Love" a very mellow finish to a couple of spots well done Chris. You are carving a niche for yourself going solo!

Steve(just call me loud) Lampkin next up with a surprise, as he had brought his nylon string guitar tonight(his first ever guitar) and maybe we have given him a complex but he was definitely in toned down mode as he gave us his take on The Jam's "Butterfly collector" from Sounds of the Jam album. This was followed by a Tom Petty Number "Running down the Dream" We never seem to do a lot of Tom Petty stuff a highly rated musician. in the second half Steve gave us a Bob Dylan song"Unrecognisably 5th St" in an abbreviated form as he felt it was too long, he then rounded up his muted spot with a Rod Stewart number "You're in my heart" which if memory serves me was launched all them years ago around this time. Well done Steve and see you in 2013 hale and hearty.

A little bit of culture in the form of Frances White complete with her harp to bring some Christmas cheer, which she truly delivered. First up we had"Away in a Manger" and "Silent night" which cant fail to let you know it's Christmas. We then had a double act as fresh from playing in Manchester and accompanied by his sister Frances, we had her brother Jesse who sang us their version of The Red Hot Chili Peppers "Cabron"  This spurred me to have a listen to it this morning as I write the blog. Well done you two. Jesse then rounded up with a Beatle's number that he had only learned two hours previously..... I like it...... "I'm a Loser" rounded off our culture moment.

Steve Adamson now becoming a regular was next up and in his words stretches the Acoustic element of Swan acoustic session. aided and abetted by his pc to provide backing accompaniement gave us two Minuets "Minuet number 1 and wait for it Minuet number 2. a little skip between the two and voila another moment of culture as Chadvilles minuets rang around the room from Steves Whistle. In the second spot Steve gave us two tunes a melancholic "Blind Mary" and a sprightly march "Morgan Magan" both by the Blind Harper Turlough O'Carolan. Excelent stuff Steve we will have to work on a duet.

John Toothill was next up , John drops in on us from time to time and never fails to entertain. Tonight was no exception. John gave us "Pastures Plenty" and talked of the Dustbowl of the United States in direct comparison to the song. Then Picking up his Ukulele rattled a crackin medley of stuff i.e "Pasadena,Oh Mr Woo, and leaning on the lamppost. and with a flourishing instrumental finish TADah! The Second spot had John heading of early but not before he gave us a medley of "Thats my Baby, Margie, Dream a Dream, Bye Bye Blues, Yankee Doodle and Baby face, After you've gone away, and finished this spot with "With every beat of your heart" I hope I got some of them right as they came thick and fast. Well done John and we will see you in the new year at some point.

Another first for Swan Acoustic Session with Pam Johnson and her Birthday/Christmas present in the shape of a lovely Martin Parlour guitar. I was busy talking when Pam was announcing her first song so I had to humbly ask for the title and it was "When Tomorow Comes" by Dave Sutherland and this was followed by the necessary Mary Gauthier number "Christmas in Paradise" Nobody does these better and that guitar sounded so sweet. in the second half Pam gave us a lovely Irish Classic straight from watching Christy Moore "The Cliffs of Dooneen" written by Jack McAuliffe of Lixnaw co Kerry. Pam then rounded her spot of with a Waking the Witch Number" "You are my Rock and Roll" a new debut for a new guitar and Mighty it was! Excellent.

Graeme Morrell was next up and no Michael Chapman, what is happening in that household? Graeme unfortunately could only do the first half and so we only had two numbers from him "Scarborough Fair" (Christmas?) I think so! and another Dylan number "Lay Lady Lay" this always takes me back to Belfast 1977 everytime I hear it, a hot summer afternoon. I hope you are using the down time Graeme to herald in the new year a la Mr Chapman!. See you in the New Year.

Last through the door (with the exception of James who is always last) was Rob Watkins armed with the latest football score from the city game. As we got beat 4=2 it was perhaps  pertinent of Rob to give us a sad song from John Hiatt "Train to Birmingham" Robs second one was also a John Hiatt number but as I had skipped to the loo I rather ashamedly missed the title!!!! Damm! I do know however that bolstered by the news of our demise in this cup game that Rob gave us a particulary sad version of Steve Earl'es "Over Yonder" before leaving us with Litlte feat's "Willin" which we obviously wern't on the night(I am referring to B.C.F.C) Well done Rob a very pleasant couple of spots.

Rounding off the night was our very own Human Jukebox Mr James Porter, with a rousing "Mustang Sally" on a borrowed guitar, and finished our last spot of the last session of 2012 with..........................."All my Trials" I hope there was no pun intended James??. That brought our busy year to a close. Thanks to all present and those who were missing but who all help us bring music to OUR session in every style imaginable. Thank you for your unfailing support in 2012 and a special thanks to David our M.C who brings a bit of order to our proceedings , even if he cant wait to get me off! when I had another number to do! Thanks to Ian, Nikki and the staff at the Swan and finally we will be there on the third Tuesday of January, lets kick of 2013 with a bumper session. Have a lovely Christmas and a peaceful New Year. BCW

Posted on December 19, 2012 .