From George Frederick Handel to Paul Weller !

When the Captains away the mice will play. Four mice to be precise in addition to the usual hangers on / loyal SAS supporters (depending on your point of view). I had hoped that Sir Len Harvey would be back for a repeat of his excellent (and unexpected and maiden) blogging efforts but no such luck. With a distinct absence of any sign of willing, or for that matter unwilling, volunteers yours truly agreed to take on scribing duties.


Armed with iPad for another bout of contemporaneous notes I was poised typing fingers at the ready only to be volunteered for the first spot usually reserved for Capt'n Wylie. No time to get prepared it had to be two Michael Chapman numbers which were You Say and Kodak Ghosts.


Next up Steve Lampkin with what must be the loudest guitar in SAS history! Ocean Colour Scene (a new name to me) played the original version of Solo, but tonight's version by Steve was very good! This was followed by Elvis Costello's Oliver's Army and upon the announcement of this Francis jumped up to accompany Steve on vocals (as did the rest of the audience - just without the jumping up bit!)


A new face to SAS Steve Adamson was next. Steve however was not a new face to the erstwhile Capt'n Wylie but it was over 20 years since they last met. After many facebook messages imploring Steve to come to SAS he eventually made it. Typical Wylie to be a no-show tonight!


Steve played some very nice penny whistle (much high standard than we are used to at SAS), in the first half comprising Daphne & 3rd movement from Handel's Water Music. Unfortunately he, like the rest of us, was suffering a bit with the smoke in the room. Steve advised us that it was over 20 years since he last smoked which,as those who have been paying attention will know, is about the time since he last saw Brian - surely that can't just be coincidence.


Francis took to the stage for what turned out to be her second performance (excluding Oliver's Army) of the evening - apparently she started the evening off before I came. Obviously with no blogger in post that is not officially part of the formal proceedings. Two Disney tunes were beautifully played - Once Upon a Dream and Something There.


Something of a break in proceedings now as blogger catches up with his note taking!


Part two.


Blogger with Simon and Garfunkle's America followed by the song introduced to SAS by Brian last week - And Jesus Wept - what a superb song (I am referring to the actual song not the performance!).


Steve Lampkin changed the mood with The Clash's Bank Robber. Then The Undertone's Teenage Tricks. A very popular song choice with the audience (particularly the younger ones!)


A proper musician up again in the form of Steve Adamson. I Never knew it was possible to play so many notes in two minutes. She Moved Through The Fair Harvest Home were played exceptionally skilfully.


Francis up again for her second (third including unofficial) visit to the performers chair. Maid At The Spinning Wheel was very ably performed, followed by a lovely version of Merrily Kiss The Quaker.


After the formal proceedings were over we did a few bits and pieces to round off the evening. Blogger went a bit country with If Tomorrow Never Comes and then Tom Paxton's A Long Way From Your Mountain. This was followed with blogger being joined by the two Steves to play Johnny Be Good ( yes two guitars and a tin whistle!). Finally blogger noodling along to some real tin whistle playing by Steve Adamson.


A really enjoyable and relaxed evening and an early evening to boot. Please come back again Steve A (but co-ordinate with Brian next time)!


See you all on 4th December.



Graeme M

Posted on November 21, 2012 .