The Resurrection and it's not even Easter


It was a happy occurrence to see Brian back at SAS this week. As most of us know Brian has been unwell, and indeed it’s good to know he isn’t dead, though he might be at some point.


I am seriously struggling to write the blog this week. I have been very busy at work and I am no longer used to the hard work that it takes to run a business. Really I should be retired or a head teacher, one of the two, though I dare say retirement is probably very difficult and there are still hard decisions to make whereas if you’re a head teacher you delegate everything and get paid whopping amounts of money, have 53 weeks a year holiday and live off the taxpayer.


Anyway, it’s been a busy week what with traipsing down to Nottingham trying to find accommodation for one of my children, trying to let houses and flats to pay for the massive repair bill on the car in France, so finding the time and energy to write the blog has been difficult. It may well be that I should have stuck with the suggestion from Cap'n Wylie, recently returned from the dead, that the next person through the door should do the blog.  Sorry let me rephrase that as that suggestion would have been fine. He said the next musician through the door should do the blog.  The next person through the door was Graeme Morrell also recently returned from the dead, and so here I am writing the blog. 


It’s nice to know that two stalwarts of SAS are alive and well, that’s to say Brian’s alive and Graeme is well.


Brian decided he was going to be John Prine, which I assume is a massive one up from being Brian Wylie, although I suppose John Prine may not be so chuffed especially if he thinks his demise may be imminent.  Brian did two songs, as usual, CRAZY AS I AM and LONG MONDAY.  It may well be that at the next John Prine gig you go to dear reader that John may want to be Brian Wylie. It might be a tribute to Brian’s life. You never know.


John Nixon that redoubtable troubadour of Rock and Roll. John plays in a band locally on a regular basis they are called Dance of the Valkyrie, and well worth going to see if you like  dance Russian dance music. Usually they are performing when I am abroad or having an enema. John often does extended versions of Smokie songs but this week he limited it down to the Stones PLAY WITH FIRE followed by I SHOT THE SHERRIFF. That’s a mixture of Keef and Clapton. That should keep the pushers going for a week or two. Pop down to your local dealer in Bradford. You can’t miss him, just look for a teenager with an Audi 8.


Next JD. As a rule as blogger you can’t praise yourself but this is my second blog in a row so bollocks to it. I am into Loudon Wainwright in a big way at the moment and frankly I think his songs and style suit my voice and guitar playing. That’s to say I can’t sing and can’t play. In fact as I stated at the time, I would make love to this man and why not, I’ve already fucked his songs. The two offerings this week were UNREQUITED TO THE Nth DEGREE and HARDY BOYS AT THE Y.


A new face to SAS and let’s see if he comes back. Andrew Gielleiver. If that’s spelt incorrectly it’s your fault for not having a simple name like mine, Dauré, or simple like (insert your own offering I don’t want to be rude to my friends). Andrew was surprised we use the F word at an acoustic session, the reason we use it Andrew is because we usually follow it with the word, up, relating to our performances. Andrew did my wife’s favourite all time song which I play for her  FOR NO ONE Andrew pays it differently to me,  and a Jimmy Webb song made famous by Glen Campbell WICHITA LINEMAN.


Nice to see James Porter with us again, Jimmy Jukebox, recently returned from the dead as we haven’t seen him for so long, we all thought he died. Jimmy did I’M STILL IN LOVE WITH YOU. This is a Hank Williams song. And there I was thinking he was telling me something.  JJ performed RUSSIAN ROULETTE and Michelle was shocked. I assume Michelle is JJs long suffering partner. Listen buddy you only just came back from the dead so don’t go playing RUSSIAN ROULETTE, I’m shocked!


Graeme Morrel. Graeme has recently returned from the dead. He wasn’t at the last SAS so I assumed he had died. It appears he has been instead to Portugal, I’m not sure I’d rather be dead, I had three of the worst holidays ever in Portugal and trust me I’ve had a LOT of holidays. Anyway it was nice to see Graeme was alive and well, as opposed to Smiley Wylie who’s alive. Apart from anything else Nix and I needed a lift back to Ilkley and Graeme passes through Gods Waiting Room on his way back to Menston where people don’t go to die.  Sorry I digress. Graeme did two Michael Chapman instrumental numbers, remember Michael?  SLOW COACH AND TWO TRAINS. Ever travelled on East Coast Main Line recently, assuming you’re a zillionaire and can afford the bloody ticket. That’s similar, slow coach and no bloody trains.


Rob Watkins. I haven’t seen Rob at SAS for a while, I thought he might have died and returned from the dead but it seems he is alive and well, in fact most of us seem to be alive and well, that’s MOST. Rob had a new guitar someone pointed out, so that’s two guitars, that’s greedy, and did a superb version of THUNDER ROAD. I blogged this last time he did it so go back and read it, It was a good song and a good write up on the blog. I hope you take notice of what I write, it’s not easy. Rob finished with THINKING ABOUT YOU by John Mellencamp, who was also known as John Cougar Mellancamp because of his catty remarks about friends, which I think is bang out of order.


Finally in the start part an old face and a blast from the past. I thought he had died or was at least snowed in in Queensbury, Ian Wingate, Recently returned from the dead but looking alive and well and with a lady friend who didn’t know he could sing and play, which is perhaps as well considering the content of Ian’s songs.  The first one as about tap water. I thought it was called I DON’T GET IN but I might be wrong, it was definitely about tap water. Who in God’s name writes a song about tap water? Ian followed with STRINGVESTITES a typical sarcastic Wingate offering. Great to see you again Ian and don’t leave it so long next time, unless of course your snowed in for the summer.


Ok, back to the End Part. Brian had managed to survive a little longer and was still in John Prine mode to give us GLORY OF TRUE LOVE, that has a bit of a heavenly slant to it doesn’t it, and then he confirmed he’d done something on the toilet with his iPhone during the break, I am not sure where this is leading though you can get movies on them, and gave us HE WAS IN HEAVEN BEFORE HE DIED. I think Smiley is trying to tell us something here, fortunately I have a black suit in fairly good condition. Can’t wait for the wake!


Nixi again with the Beatles I AM A WALRUS. You said it! At least you’re not dead. Then a Lynard Skynard offering, this band are all dead by the way, FREE AS A BIRD, well you would be if your soul was floating around in the stratosphere or should that be Stratocaster? I told you this wasn’t easy!


I am definitely alive, well and kicking, it scares the shit out of my babe in the middle of the night, and I can only repeat Nixi’s comments on my performance. “JD Seasonal Songs (Xmas) by Loud On Wayne Rights, She came too late by Loud on Wayne, Right? “   You heathen Nixi that’s Christmas  not Xmas, that’s what it’s all about, the birth of Christ, not free drinks and food and six weeks holiday). Now you know why I’m doing the blog. It was SUDDENLY ITS CHRISTMAS and WHATEVER HAPPENED TO US. Now you definitely know why Nixi's not doing the blog.


Andrew for his second set of the night. A true Simon and Finkle fan, AMERICA and HOMEWARD BOUND.  I used to play both these songs, but not the same way as Andrew, far too many notes. I’d forgotten what a great team these two made and the brilliance of Simons writing although he can be a bit up himself.  Come back soon Andrew, You can use the F word if you like.


Jimmy Jukebox, with a Damien Rice song NINE CRIMES. Not heard that before, who is Damien Rice? Then I have a problem, I can’t read the rest of my notes, I was on bottle number five of Leffe at the time. Great stuff that Leffe, all the alcohol without the beer gut volume, also causes brain deadness. Sorry James, I could say it was brilliant but I haven’t a clue. Let’s assume it was.


Graeme, who is always brilliant especially if he’s giving me a lift back to Ilkley, then by god he’s pure genius. And tonight he was. FRED WEDLOCK.  Now I’ll be honest and tell you I don’t know if that’s a songwriter or the song, sheer greatness Graeme, and then his finale, 500 MILES. This is a great sing along song; it makes no bloody sense whatsoever except it taught Graeme the word HAVER. It’s what the Scots do when they have had a bit too much to drink. This is always! Frankly I’ve never met a Scot who wasn’t already dead in one way or another.


Rob finished off the evening with a John Prine number. Whoa, what’s happened here? I thought Brian is John Prine tonight, did Brian die and I didn’t notice?  John  Prine, sorry,  ONE RED RED ROSE it might be One Red I don’t know I was in Scot brain mode at this stage, Rob Finaléd the whole evening with  THE SHOWMAN’S LIFE, by Jessie Winchester. Always great songs, well sung, from Rob. I must get round to seeing Last Orders at some stage, usually I’ve passed out by then.


That’s it. I’m blog free for a while.  JD

PS apologies if anyones offended, and if you're not, you should be

Posted on September 27, 2011 .