New instruments and Old Friends

After the excitement last week on my holidays, it was nice to get back to almost normal at S.A.S. Thank you for all the kind comments re my stay at the lovely Balfour hospital. Anyway it looked like a quiet night at S.A.S as when Kath and myself arrived there was Steve Hulme and Anne just getting the drinks in, Mike Craig and MC David Brimacombe joined us shortly after that. We had a chat and then just as we started in came Gloria fresh from her escapades on Skye (the island not the satellite provider)

At this point Gloria had some catching up to do so was immediately pressed into service with a couple of songs. “Burglars Girl” and “Lakes of Coolfin” (which also has a another name but as I couldn’t spell it there you go) As usual I am getting ahead of myself as both Mike Craig , Steve Hulme and the Blogger had already performed, so here is a recap. Blogger did “How will I ever be simple again” (comments on a postcard please) and rapidly becoming one of my favourites “The Flower Seller” Mike entertained us with A A Bondys’ “Lovers Waltz” and “Motherland” with a nod to Kath’s version of the same song. A BIG welcome back to Steve Hulme who came with two instruments tonight. Steve’s first offering on the S.A.S alter was “Wondrous place” by none other than the famous Ronald Witchley………………NO! I hadn’t heard of him either however his alter ego was ……………… BILLY FURY, now him we all heard of, I wonder why he changed his name. Steve’s other song getting only its second airing which due to a false start became a third outing was “Time spins us around”

At this point a large moth entered the proceedings prompting MC David to comment “Have you just opened your wallet Brian?” We then proceeded to go round individually  with songs like “John Condon” and “Dr Frankenstein” by the Blogger and “Pancho and Lefty” by Mike. “I will be there” by Steve and “Knight of the night out” from Gloria.

Mike then had to leave early, but before he left Steve asked if he would mind holding on to hear his new guitar. The guitar case was duly plonked on the table, Steve reached into it and pulled  out……………… a ……….. Beautiful ………….gorgeous “UKELELE” and to rapturous laughter proceeded to sing a song entitled “My little Ukulele” which was littered with sexual innuendo enough to make a priest blush. Brilliant Steve and well done as always .

Gloria then went to fetch her fiddle??????

She returned from the car park with what can only be described as a fiddle that had been left far too long in a growbag  as this large black instrument (calm down Mr. Daure) was pulled from the black bag wherein it lived and placed gingerly due to its size between Gloria’s legs (there is no need to return home just yet John I am sure we haven’t seen the last of it). It was then extended even further and only at this point did the blogger become aware that it was in fact a musical instrument, an electric cello no less. We then had a few numbers from Gloria accompanied by this Lovely sounding Cello. These included “The Rocks of Bawn” and “The great Silkie” an Orcadian song (from Orkney for the ignorant amongst us) and a quick turn of “Paddy’s Green Shamrock Shore” This rounded up the night and as promised to Gloria she played remarkably well and her secret is still safe with us. That was it for this week and see you all on6th of September. BCW

PS pics of the two instruments are on the gallery

Posted on August 18, 2011 .