A night of Duets

Gram Parsons and Emmylou Harris; Johnny and June Carter Cash; Richard

and Linda Thompson, you can't beat a good duet and this was a night of

them. A small but perfectly formed group attended SAS this week but as

E.F. Schumacher notably said "Small is beautiful". That beauty

manifested itself musically tonight as the players decided to make

beautiful music together.


First up, and having just regaled us with hair raising, rock and

rolling driving stories from past days was Brian 'Wheels' Wylie. Brian

doesn't like to over-rehearse songs but he announced that the first

two songs were on the sushi side of raw. You wouldn't have known

though as pulled of a great performance of Johnny Cash's 'Folsom

Prison Blues' which he dedicated to our MC and resident Casey Jones

(see gallery) David. Brian followed this with the first duet of the

night, Rod Stewart's 'Maggie May' which featured mandolin

accompaniment from Kath Wylie (although Kath did claim that Brian

forgot to put the instrumental in the correct place - same thing

happened with Johnny and June I believe!).


Next up was one half of legendary duo The Dingham Hillbillies, John

Nixon. John started with a great version of Cat Steven's 'Father and

Son' and yes, he did the two different voices for father and son. Cat

Stevens always reminds me of being in the back of the car as a kid in

those pre-walkman days when you had to listen to whatever music your

parents wanted on. I liked Cat Stevens as he was a welcome relief from

Steeleye Span (Dad's choice) and The Carpenters (Mum's choice). Nixi

followed this with a glam classic from those brickies in make up and

heels, Slade's 'Cum on feel the noize' and yes he sang all the

misspelled words correctly!


Blogger up next with A.A. Bondy's 'Lover's Waltz', which isn't and

Gram Parson's 'A song for you' which was.


A welcome return next for the harptastic Andee Craig. Andee had

recently watched 'Master and Commander' and discovered that "the

scruffy guys" (i think she meant the crew) played a tune in one scene

that is in Andee's repetoire. The tune in question was 'O' Sullivan's

March' and a very nice tune it was too and enjoyed by this scruffy

guy. Andee followed this with a lovely tune from O' Carolan 'Planxty

Burke' (planxty meaning tribute and Burke meaning......Burke).


A rare treat next as Kath Wylie decided to share her lovely and too

seldom heard voice with us. Kath claimed to be a little hoarse from

screaming on the roller-coasters at Lightwater Valley but what that's

got to do with ponies is beyond me! It was duet time again as in a

little musical role reversal, Brian accompanied Kath on Natalie

Merchant's 'Motherland' and Jagger and Richard's 'As Tears Go By'.

Lovely stuff Kath you should be playing every SAS now!


There was a small interlude during which Mr Wylie and myself hunted the Snark.


Kicking off the second bit was the aforementioned Mr Wylie. Brian

claimed that as Graeme wasn't in attendance, he would do an Al Stewart

song and treated us to 'a tune i hadn't heard before, Sand In Your

Shoes' from Al's 1976 album 'Year of the Cat'. Brian followed this

with a tune dedicated to another absent friend, John Duare. The tune

in question was The Saw Doctors 'N17' which is the road that runs from

County Galway to County Sligo (or indeed the other way depending on

which way you're driving!), unfortunately I can't remember what the

connection between the road, song or JD was (should have written the

blog the next day, shouldn't I Brian!). Anyway the song was very good

and featured some tricky on the fly chord transpositions from Brian so

I hope you appreciate his hard work JD!


Nixi nexti (sorry) and after a brief lecture and slideshow on the

wonders of the Baltic coast, Polish buskers and Gdansk (gesundheit!)

John was joined by Brian for a quite frankly brilliant rendition of

Chris Isaak's 'Wicked Game'. John and Brian followed this with 'Brown

Eyed Girl' which enabled the gathered members of the SAS choir to show

off their three part harmonies - what a clever bunch we are!


The theme of double trouble continued as blogger and Brian (cheers

buddy!) delivered '1952 Vincent Black Lightening' and 'Pancho and

Lefty'. After which Brian finally got to sit down!


Not wanted to miss out on the duet action Andee Craig rounded the

evening off with the blogger in tow. First up was 'The Musical Priest'

and 'The Gravel Walks', followed by Andee solo on another O' Carolan

tune 'Eleanor Plunkett'. Then the tables and chairs were cleared away

for a set of barndances and frenetic dancing (well ok, the bit about

the barndances is true!).


And there you have it (finally) a grand night was had by all and we'd

love to see you along at the next one on Tuesday 19th July (that's

Tuesday the 19th of July Graeme :) ).

Posted on July 16, 2011 .