A Night of Body parts

Well a quiet night was invisaged at Swanacousticsession as we headed from sunny  Bradford

to the wilds of Addingham where, another night of drinking and raucous merriment awaited those whom fate decreed available. Thanks to those whose apologies were received. A pleasant surprise after just ten minutes when Chris Patrick arrived. Chris had taken some time away for family duties and it was really great to see him back. Onwards and upwards to the night, blogger up first with” Black is the colour”(of my true loves hair) a song pinched from Christy Moore who pinched it from Hamish Imlach, and the first of the body parts. This was followed by a song learned from the fantastic Eleanor Shanley that I had learned to perform for my mother R.I.P entitled “Save me a place in your heart” subtitled “cos I don’t want to go in the ground” Mike Craig was next up with “Gizmo” his pet guitar and gave a rendition of A.A Bondi’s “Lovers Waltz”, which was my type of waltz as it had more of a limp rather than your usual 1,2,3 1,2,3. Mikes next offering was a song that was a theme song for our road trip with The Wild Geese last year “Waterbound” by Dirk Powell and covered by Mick McGoldrick as Mike pointed out it was definitely a “Left Hand “song. Great none the less.

Chris Patrick up next looking remarkably suave  and with new material and a special song for his recently departed father,”Lot of Catching up to do” a lovely song  sung as only Chris can.

“Raindrops make a puddle” was Chris in full flow, again another new song and where do all those chords come from????.

Kath Wylie was next up having relaxed with a nice glass of wine she was seduced into giving us her rendition of Natalie Merchants “Motherland” a nice bit of fingerpicking and soft voice which should be heard more, augmented by the ringtone of a phone  just at the end, you never know it could have been Simon Cowell???.

Pam Johnston was our next entertainer and as Pam is an extremely busy lady it was a pleasant surprise to see her arrive at The Swan, Pam is a great fan of Mary Gauthier and gave a lovely rendition of her “Our Lady of the Shooting Stars” and “Hows the world treating You” again a lovely soft voice and a nice bit of fingerpicking.

Graeme Morell completed our circuit for the first half and yet again another soft voice and a nice bit of fingerpicking, had everyone been practising????? Graemes’ first offering was”Feel my love” a la Bob Dylan and Garth Brooks no less(JD take note) before heading to the break with an M.C number (of course) Naked Ladies and Electric Ragtime. Excellent stuff from all so far.

In the absence of our M.C David, who was off on one of his regular sojourns to the countryside aiding and abetting other retired pensioners on their rambles, we had a short break before yet again with a few more audience now ensconsed near the unlit fire beginning part Deux.


Blogger up again this time assisted by his lovely wife Kath on mandolin and some Irish middle of the road fare with “Star of the County Down” and “Fields of Athenry”


Mike was back up now and not having had enough encouraged the Blogger(like he needs any encouragement) to accompany him on Richard Thompsons “Vincent Black Lightning” and although hampered by the blogger Mike managed a fine rendition of  this song. Having ditched this  appendage, Mike thenwas into another body part song with “Hang down your Head” by Tom Waits another cracking rendition of a great song.


Chris Patrick was back up again and as a prolific writer of songs it was no surprise that  both these were self penned “Media Darling” a self explanatory song, and “Scapegoat or the Lamb” an interesting insight and a pause for thought moment. Excellent stuff Chris.


Kath was back up now having done her stint with the Blogger and fuelled by another glass of wine. “Wishing Well” was the song written by a friend of ours “Pete Lane” and an excellent rendition by Kath and at least she remembers the words when she does it(Mental note Blogger)

Pam Johnston made her way to the”Oche” for her second round and  sang a song about someone with pneaumonia by Lucinda Williams “Am I too Blue for you” which was the first song I heard Pam do at our sessions and it just gets better with each airing. She finished her set off with a Merle Haggard number “Big City” great stuff Pam and thanks for taking the time to pop in, hopefully not too long before we see you here again.


Graemw then rounded off a particulary nice evening with a trip through his Yellow Book and did a great rendition of “Desperado” obviously a tribute to the two Johns who were absent tonight I believe at a Birthday party. And rounded us off with a Dire Straits “you’re so far away” and then just as he thought it was all over was coerced by the Blogger to do another one from the Yellow book “Sweet Baby James by James Taylor but sang in his own inimitable style. A fitting end to a lovely evening. Thanks everyone for coming and see you all in a fortnight.BCW

Posted on May 9, 2011 .