The Return of Slowhand

Well if something’s worth doing, it’s worth doing at the last minute!
The title of this blog has nothing to do with a surprise appearance at
Swansongs by guitar legend and professional Rob Watkins lookalike,
Eric Clapton. It’s a reference to the fact that I may be the slowest
blog writer in the history of SAS. Hey, we’ve all got to be good at
something, right?
I can also state for the record that the delay has nothing to do with
me waiting for JD to contact me with the name of his Kris
Kristofferson tune from this evening!
It was a vibrant and entertaining night at SAS despite the lack of two
of the sessions cornerstones (surprised the whole place didn’t fall
down around our ears!). Smiley Wiley was off watching 22 blokes kick
the hell out of a pig’s bladder and MC David was missing, presumably
up some fell enjoying the unseasonal sunshine. So it was down to your
humble blogger to take on the MC duties while also scratching away at
the nascent blog (they may just as well stick a broom,no!)

First up in the first half and accompanied by the frantic cheering of
the Len Harvey Trans-Global  Appreciation Society and Glee Club was
the Swan’s answer to Hank Williams, Mr LH himself.  Once the din had
died down and the dust had settled, Len treated us to ‘If My Nose Was
Running Money, I’d Blow It All On You’ which was allegedly written by
Mike Carr and Mike Hammonds of the comedic musical act, The Moron
Brothers. The Country Music idiom has given us some truly fantastic
song titles and the blogger’s favourites this week are; “I Still Miss
You Baby, But My Aim's Gettin' Better”, and the classic; “Get Your
Tongue Outta My Mouth Cause I'm Kissing You Good-bye.”
Surfing the wave of the fan club’s adulation Len delivered a favourite
sing-a-long, Marvin Endsley’s 1954 hit “Singing The Blues”.  Fearing
the wrath of Len’s Ladies your fledgling MC decided it was prudent to
ask Mr H. for another tune and was instantly rewarded with ‘If I
Needed You’ written by one of the blogger’s favourites, Townes Van
Zandt, lovely stuff Len. As the final chord died Len’s ladies
descended and he was carried around the room at shoulder height trying
desperately to hang onto his shirt and his dignity!
I now have to admit that after writing this first section some days
ago I have managed to lose my notes – genius! So the rest will be
based on my fading memories of a night that is now a shameful two
weeks ago!

The main event for this blogger tonight (apart obviously from the
presence of Len’s fan club!), was the arrival of newcomers (to SAS)
Fox Corner. These are a quartet of talented chaps hailing from the far
flung reaches of Bradford who deliver folk tunes in a light-hearted
and harmonious style. These gents have obviously been doing this
awhile as their songs were performed in a relaxed and engaging way
with plenty of banter between the boys. I think it says something
about the sing-a-long nature of the songs that I can still sing some
of them two weeks later. Songs of drinking and times past were sung
including a memorable version of ‘The Blackpool Belle’ Excellent stuff
gents, hope the tardy blogging doesn’t prevent a welcome return visit
to SAS.

Now everybody else is going to have to bear with me as I try to
remember who was there and what they played. I recall that I thought
it would be good if everyone performed three in the first half so that
we got a real flavour of each person. I seem to remember that
following on from Len’s example we mostly played cowboy songs (or
Americana if you like) of one type or another. I remember playing
Pancho and Lefty because it was a response to Len’s Townes Van Zandt
offering. I know that Nixi was there as he complained about the
standard of taxi that had come to pick him up. Andee remembered that
he delivered a great version of Springsteen’s ‘Wreck on the Highway’
which he defended as a love song. I know that JD was there because it
took him AGES to send me the title of the Kris Kristofferson song that
he sang called, “Here comes that Rainbow Again”.  I have a distinct
but possibly false memory of Graeme Morrell  treating us to ‘Sweet
Baby James’ if you didn’t Graeme it was still brilliant and he must
have played something old and bluesy because i remember thinking that
it suited his vintage Gibson perfectly. James Porter definitely gave
us a tune from his inbuilt jukebox and I also have foggy recall of Ian
‘King’ Pucknall giving us a tune.

So there you have it (ish). You were all musical gods and it was a
fantastic night (at least one of these statements is true!) If I
forgot anyone/anything i can only beg forgiveness :) Well, this is the
first blog i’ve had to cut short due to the fact that I have to leave
to get to the next SAS! And we’re every two weeks now! Shameless!  See
you all in an hour or so!

Posted on May 4, 2011 .