Well I turned up with my wife Kath and Larry to an empty pub although I knew Mike and Andy were coming but couldn’t help thinking about all the comments made around getting the session back to the pub and yet the same stalwarts turn out time after time. Tonight was no acception, our trusty M.C Dave a very much undersung hero of our music night was next through the door, and next to Graeme probably has the highest attendance record for our session. We are all grateful David for the hard work and eternal optimism and enthusiasm you portray week in and week out. So from us all a great big THANK YOU.


To business then no less than 7 artists tonight as well as one stressed blogger who had some tunes sprung on him 1 hour before setting off to the pub. I should be able to play these tunes as they were a stable diet for me 19 years ago but age catches up with us all and I had a C.R.A.F.T moment, more about that later.

The Blogger started with a song from Bread “Aubrey” which was a fairly unpolished rough version of a lovely song but it will get better(I hope) an abortive attempt of another Bread song “I want to make it with you” led hastily to a rapidly becoming favourite “The Flower seller” Ah well there is always next time.


Larry Anderson fully refreshed after his musical birthday bash was next up with his fine versions of Dylan’s “One too many Mornings” and Pauls Simons “For Emily wherever I may find her” Larry has his own refined style and delivers all his material with that laid back laconic style that I can but envy. Well Done Larry and welcome back.  Mr Nixon was next up and with new resplendent 25th anniversary Taylor guitar(See Title above) was led up “Dead End Street” a La Kinks and then got lost in “Dirty Boulevard” by Lou Reed. It was nice to see that John purchased a guitar that knew all the songs, as this one sounded great. I wonder just what he had to do to get this one past the wife?????HMMMMMM.

Graeme (Stalwart) Morrell was next in our round and not being in voice fettle proceeded to regale us with some tasty tunes which showed his finger picking style that has made him a legend at Swan Acoustic. The first one was ……wait for it……………a MC number but without a name so “Gan Ainm” it is(Irish for no name) this tasty morsel was followed by” Naked Ladies and Electric Ragtime” I have to point out that this refers to the title of the music he performs and not a reference to any naked women strolling round the pub (hey that might work) but rather an up-tempo ragtime tune of that name. Very nicely done as well. Now then another new guitar(although it had an earlier airing whilst I was busy watching some stupid footy team) A Faith guitar that was allegedly a virgin(See title) so daring of Mr Daure to bring a virgin guitar and endeavour to wrestle a tune from it. Having said that I am sure he, over the years(Many Years!) has had his fair share of virgins to wrestle, and this one proved no problem for such a man as he. John entertained us with”Your’e gonna make me lonesome when you go” and  I don’t want to Talk about it” for such a little guitar it has a lovely sound and John handled it so well.

Now my palms are sweating as Mike Craig another sans voice had sent a text saying” lets try some of those tunes you passed to me out” causing a panics in the Wylie household, as long lost memory cells struggled to remember old familiar tunes. Let me say publicly to Mike I am sorry for my multiple C.R.A.F.T moments as I struggled to accompany him on tunes lost to  my memory. “Maid behind the bar” and “St Anne’s Reel” led very swiftly into “Jig O Slurs” the accompaniment on these was first class and very nicely led to the end of the first half and Gizmo was able to breathe a sigh of relieve as chasing a manic mandolin is not for the faint hearted.

The second Half started with the Bloggers attempt at a Mark Knopfler song “Piper to the End” and a self penned song about the famine in Ireland in 1845/47 where thousands died on the roadside or immigrated to foreign lands, called “The Famine Song” Larry was next up with another of his favourite artists Leonard Cohen a style he mimics quite well “I’m your man” was followed by the Alabama three song “Bulletproof” Larry pointed out that the band are from …..wait for it…… Brixton. Excellent. John and the newbie guitar were again called into service by the Police and “So Lonely” rang out this was after a wrestling match with a music stand. (John have a word with JD he is a wrestling expert albeit with virgins) John finished his spot with the Beatles’ “Money” and so ended the new Taylor outing at Swan Acoustic. Great stuff. Graeme then played a tune on his Baby Gibson “Cadow Lake” which he informed us is in Texas and then in the same vein “A strangers map of Texas” he did set the scene for the first song  a soft breeze, on a river bank in Texas, started the tune to the roar of the hand drier in the toilets and without breaking stride informed the worthy audience that it was a bit windier that day…. Classic!!

The music stand then became the centre of attention again as two people wrestled it into submission to place some music on as John Daure and the recently deflowered Faith Guitar sang “Slow country dance on a Saturday night” before finishing his spot with “The Ballad of Francie Lee and Judas Priest (complete with C.R.A.F.T moment)

Mike and the Blogger up next with a version of Arty M’Glynns “Floating Crowbar” although I doubt he would have recognised the Melody and this was followed swiftly with a couple of reels(Mike let me know please) there was a little bit of a session before James Porter rounded the night off with “Log cabin in the sky” and “In the Jailhouse now” from O Brother where art thou. A fitting end to a good night of humorous banter and wit and some playing.  See you all in a fortnight………………………………Oh yes the Black Fingernails……. The blogger had his nails done by one of the girls at work which caused a bit of a stir see the pic in the Gallery BCW

Posted on February 16, 2011 .