A tale in Two Parts

John Daure is doing the first part of this weeks Blog and BCW the second so you get the second half first.


Part Deux…… First


Well as John Daure had put himself forward for the blog it was my turn to relax as John got to grips with everyones material tonight, however there was method in his madness as he and John Nixon left just after the start of the second half. Yours truly was spammed to fill in, well I suppose somebody had to get me back for spamming others.

The Blogger was first up in the second spot, although I did offer it to our iteinerant couple who were waiting for a Taxi…… anyway John Daure playing a black guitar owned by Nixy which knew all the songs set off with “Della and the Dealer” before launching into an LW song(That’s Loudon Wainwright for the ignorant) “Suddenly it was Christmas” This particular song had us all holding our breath as one of the lines ended with “Runts” however the other obvious rhyming word was not in Loudons vocabulary so chaos averted. Well done JD. “ TAXI for Ilkley” just as Nixy got into Bachman Turner Overdrives “You aint seen nothing yet” and he was off like a bull at a gate! We think he was on a promise as JD was desperate to hear the song, or perhaps he had another pantomime gig to go to. Who Knows!!


Ian Wingate was next with a rare second spot with a song for vegetarians “Rapacious Carnivore” Sang with Relish as only Ian can do, his next meat on the Barbie was another self penned song “The toys I got for Christmas” with that classic line “Igot an empty box” my dad said it was an “Action Man deserter” Brilliant stuff and also included a guitar swop mid strum! Ian informed us how Christmas gets earlier every year starting around August!!!!!!


Steve Lampkin next and rapidly becoming a regular with The Jams “Down the Tube Station at Midnight” and then launched into a raunchy “Whiskey in the Jar” accompanied on Mandolin by the Blogger. Well done Steve not bad for a Bass Player, keep it up and keep coming down.

Mike Craig next with our second Christmas song of the evening a very laid back version of that well known classic “Santa Claus is coming to town” I have to say next to springsteens version this is my favourite one. “Crooked Jack” was next from Mike an old standard from a far from standard musician. Great stuff as always Mike and thanks for the accompaniment earlier in the evening.


Andee next with the harp which seems so suited to Christmassy songs but this time a rare treat a new piece from the pen of the Iveragh poet Tomas ruadh O’Suilleabhean, Andee did warn us about the playing of this one, but it sounded great and this was followed up with a couple of session tunes”Fig for a Kiss” a slip jig and leading into “Morrisons” a full jig. Great stuff Andee and methinks you had a new fan in Nigels friend.

A welcome return from Chris Thompson who had a full range of insults hurled at him through the night due to his retirement, never the less a Van Morrison number “Warm Love” followed by a Dorian Dalliance through “Ilkla Moor Baht At” Which Nigel did warn him about, the dalliance with Dorian that is.

Pam Johnson recently arrived as promised as she was running late was up for her spot with a couple of Seasonal selections a Mary Gauthier number first “Christmas in Paradise” and then an Albion Band Cover of “Solstice Song” Well worth the wait Pam. And finally what can one say about the prodigal son Nigel smith a perfect end to a great night with “Jolene” nice finale Nigel and to Chris, Ian and Nigel don’t be such strangers in the new year. See you all on the third Tuesday in January 17th of Jan B.C.W

Posted on December 21, 2011 .