Guitars, Fiddles, and Mandolins

Well a good turn out at Swan Acoustic Session last night as 9 artists turned up, some ailing, coughing, spluttering and ready to go after a kick start. The general consensus was to let out Spanish correspondent do the blog, as his blogs are renowned for their fantasy element, and it wasn’t a problem that he was elsewhere. This idea was vetoed as I didn’t fancy breaking him off from his practice regime whilst in sunny climes so I will do it this week.

The Blogger ably assisted by Mrs Blogger  having brushed up on a Frank Keenan number prior to setting off for Addingham, rattled out “For the Kids” a bouncy little number. This was followed by (at my wifes request) by “I Wish that I was in England” we then sojourned to the posh seats so that Kath could relax into her red wine.

An old friend and a new face next, a long overdue visit from Gerry Cooper and he had brought a friend with him Phil Snell (See them at Otley Folk Club ) next week. Gerry plays guitar and Phil had brought a Fiddle(a rare beast at Swan Acoustic) and a Mandolin. We sat back and listened as these two gave a great rendition of “All my Friends are Gone” and a great Rag tune “Ted Hawkins Rag”(I think) Great stuff and more to come.  Len Harvey next looking a little apprehensive, Lens offering this week was “The Streets of Baltimore” and then had us all laughing with “My Get up and Go has Got up and Went” Len was thinking about going at half time but stayed on, more about that later. Mike Craig  back form Ireland C/W cold and trusty Gizmo(guitar) pinched one of my songs which oddly enough I comptemplated doing tonight but Mike did a better version of “Tom Trauberts Blues” a Tom Waits song well suited to someone getting over a cold. Mike then introduced a new song, a Gram Parsons number “Song for You” which I am glad he told me the title, because I would not have got that from the lyrics. The Great, fantastic solo artiste next , the stupendous JOHN NIXON(he told me to put thatJD) next with a bit of Rock. Nicklebacks “Rock Star” and  Skynnrds “Freebird” all done with the usual laid back style epitomised by Nixy.

Chris Patric was our next artist, a man whose back catalogue must mirror the Beatles. Chris launched into “The Gist” and yes Chris I got it. A mellow number next for Kath, “So Far in Front” Kath believes Chris writes great Love songs and who am I to argue. Great stuff as always Chris. Graeme Morrell then rounded off our first half with his baby Gibson guitar(with JD absent ) Graeme gave his version of Dylans’ “It aint me Babe” followed by…………………………….a………………..MC.. number “Little Mollies Dream” a very chilled and mellow end to a great first half.

The second half started after Nixy headed home, well cocoa and slippers call and well you know.  Blogger now solo with a selp penned song “Gotta get the monkey off your back” and a song by Harry O’Donoghue, “The Flower Seller” both seemed well received.  Gerry and Phil next up with guitar and Fiddle and “Sporting life Blues” and “Step it up and Go” a great Charleston tune and very smoothly done. Well done boys, please come back soon (JD hasn’t seen you) Len Harvey now determined to up the ante had us all in stitches with “If my nose is running money” but its not ……. Now say it all again. And finished his spot with a singalong “Strangest Dream” excellent as always Len so nothing to worry about!!. Mike Craig then rearranged Gizmo and gave us “Galway to Graceland” a story of an Elvis freak who goes from …….. you got it. Seeing as how he hadn’t sang since xmas period and was recovering from a cold it was perfect timing for a Tom Waits number “Innocence when you Dream”


A bit of new territory next with Chris covering someone elses material , none other than Van Morrison and “Moondance” with a bit of flute playing in lead part and prompt from the audience rattled off a classic with aplomb. To finish with a flourish we then had “Til the cows come Home” a Chris classic. As always Chris a pleasure how many bloody chords do you know?. Graeme stepped carefully around the tables to do his last spot and (hope I got it right) “Old Competon Blues” and a tune with no name which the blogger has titled “End of Night Rag” Normally we would be going at this point but Gerry and Phil finished with a flourish on Guitar and Mandolin “Arrangement For Me”.There we go another great night and thanks to our M.C Dave now our Chief Photographer at S.A.S Remember we wil not be there next week. Next one is first of Feb and First Tuesday and Third Tuesday until March.  See you all then and remember “How do you get to the Albert Hall?................. PRACTICE.      BCW

Posted on January 19, 2011 .