After the build up

Well what can I say, looked at my watch at Craven Heifer at Addingham and realised I was already late for the first Swan Acoustic Session of 2011. Jumped  into the car and drove the short distance to the Swan to find  the usual suspects hovering around a table in the centre of the room apologies made it was down to business. There was a spattering of customers in the pub which almost outnumbered the musicians, and I had brought my own Geordie heckler/crowd control, so I was ok.

First up John Nixon & blogger with Van Morrisons “Brown Eyed Girl” John spent the rest of the evening complaining about the action on his guitar, but it sounded pretty good to me.  Blogger then followed that with a nifty little tune “Masons Apron”


Chris Patrick then took to the floor not liking to feel encumbered at the table Chris then rattled out  a self penned singalong “Will I do Just as Well” and followed this with “No Time For Leaving You Behind” Chris has a eclectic style with his accompaniment…. Acompanying…… Playing with himself and no matter what he plays he always manages to play twice as many chords as I know. Excellent as always Chris in spite of open Mic Fatigue.

Graeme “Chapman” Morrell next up with a touch of Blues a la Doc Watson  “Deep River Blues” Graeme told us he heard a good friend of mine Roger”Blues Delta” Sutcliffe play this in 1969 and had only recently found the words. I am sure Rog would have been pleased with Graemes Rendition. Graeme finished off his first Spot with a James Taylor Number “Machine Gun Kelly” another Aussie named Kelly this time with a Machine Gun Bonzer! Excellent as always Graeme. Only fair to mention at this point that the audience stayed around and were respectful and appreciative of tonights artistes. Our silent minority tonight was James Porter who’s recent illness forced him to be a spectator this evening.

John Nixon  carried on the enterainment with a Stones number”Play with Fire” unfortunately Johns font was not Swan Standard 14 as John relates “Not clever at computers couldn’t blow it up” enough said. But the song was as only John can do the stones marvellously understated and relaxed. Blogger then rattled a couple of tunes off Hare in the Corn/Morrisons and then a slow air written by Finbar Furey “lonesome Boatman”

John then gave us a bit of Electric funk with his rendition of Jimi’s “Hey Joe”

Becoming quite a Juke box John, in spite of missing his sidekick JD who wimped out because of a bit of Snow and decided that another week in Sunny climes was better than a cold night in Addingham. I ask you!!!!

Graeme then surprised us with a bit of Buddy Holly with “Everyday” and of course with pen poised the obligatory MC number “Dogs Got More Sense” a first time airing at Swan Acoustic and excellent as always.

Chris then stood again to give us “Something To Remember” and that was also the name of his self penned song and then Shock Horror a cover………. “Staying alive” a la Bee Gees and if anyone could mimic Barry Gibb then Chris could.  Chris apologised at the end for some mix up at the end but remember Chris this is live music and it was your interpretation so no problem.

Blogger then pulled out…….. his…….. big……………….. Whistle (Ha) and did “Farewell to Govan” after this it became a bit of a singaround with various songs being done I missed a few having to visit the little boys room to adjust my whistle but distinctly heard Graemes version of a Neil Young number. Sadly the Blogger and his bodyguard had to leave as overtime at both ends of the day took its toll.

We are back next week and then THE FIRST AND THIRD WEEKS OF EACH MONTH UNTIL THE WEATHER AND LIGHT NIGHTS ARE BACK or until the circumstances change

Posted on January 12, 2011 .