A Message from the first mate

From someone else's notes
There was I, sitting out in the sunshine, enjoying what was effectively the last day of my holidays, when Brian decided that, as I was doing nothing, I could write the blog! What he failed to realise was, that after I had finished my tiny go in the spotlight, I relaxed into a nice bottle of red and just enjoyed the evening. His notes are all I have to go on as the 'red-wine'fairy has removed one or two of my precise memories.
What I can remember was that it was a very pleasant evening spent with lovely people and good music.
There were 8 performers in all starting off with Uncle Albert (Brian) assisted by his own Debbie Magee (Me) playing and singing a couple of songs; the first being For the Kids (written by a superb singer/songwriter from Orkney -Frank Keenan) and I wish I was in England - later a solo Uncle Albert performed Kilkelly and Nearly Man.
Next up was Mike Craig fresh back from the bog... he entertained us with Crooked Jack and When the Devil's Loose and then, after the ice cream and popcorn, with Ruby and Innocent When You Dream.
Ian Taylor followed, reminding us that winter is just round the corner with Lindisfarne's Winter Song and North Sky, Brrrrr! It warmed up a bit in the second half with Babylon and May You Never...
Next was Steve Hulme (nice to see you back) who was keen to point out that he did not have piles (don't blame me... Brian's notes) even though he preferred a very cushioned seat.. he sang Though from a Distance and People are Like Sheep, and then Peter Gabriel's Father and Son and Time Spins Us.
Pam Johnson was able to join us this week as it was a bank holiday (lovely to see you ). She sang Thank's A Lot and Our Lady of Shooting Stars (We saw one as we left the pub), and later Give me a Sad, Sad Song and Follow My Tears.
Graeme Morrell next with Annie's Going to Sing Her Song and In Brooklyn, and, as he won't be around for a couple of weeks, he gave us a double dose of Michael Chapman after the break with Stranger Road Map of Texas, Twisted Road and Memphis in Winter.
James Porter performed 2 singalongs after the break - 3 Little Birds and Tonight's The Night
Apologies for any mistakes... his writing is a b*****r to read!

Posted on September 1, 2010 .