Ring out the ~Old Ring in the New

Well after a well deserved break Swan acoustic night, and what a night it was. It was nice to see so many people turn out and even some we hadn’t seen for a while. The Blogger was first up as per, and had brought three instruments and 1 song to do. First up ably accompanied by Mike Craig was “Planxty George Brabazon” first tune I ever learned on the banjo but as it had an outing early on last month it was the mandolin tonight. This was followed by an old folk song sang by an old folkie “Tomorrow I’ll be buckled under twelve stone 2” Next up was a blast from the past Mr. Phil Townend and after reminding JD that the last time he had played was the unforgettable night of the 25 day countdown and 50 ways to leave your lover fiasco, launched into “Ships”(in the night) followed by ……… wait for it………. 50 ways to leave your lover and after all that knobble Phil had a “CRAFT “ moment in the second verse but recovered and cracked on with a cracking song, well done Phil nice to see you again.

Mike was next up with “Gizmo” (his guitar) and gave a great rendition of “Galway to Graceland” before regaling us with a tale of his erotic neighbour which was in relation to the fact that his next song had not been performed at full volume because of his “Neurotic” Aah I see neighbour who bangs on the wall if a mouse farts at his house. Mikes new offering was “Looking for the heart of Saturday Night” a great song not known to me but delivered as only Mike can.

Andee was our next artiste(see, culture is afforded courtesy) and having been reminded of Planxty George by the blogger informed us that this was also a tune that she first learned as a fledging harpist. I will admit it sounds much better on the harp and gave a great rendition of it. Andee then finished off her first spot with two lovely reels “Come West along the Road” and “The Mountain Road” which was the first tune I learned on the pipes. Well done Andee.

Ian Taylor was our next cab off the rank, and  brought a new song to start with “Amen” by Boo Hewerdine a really nicely done version and followed by a John Spillane (Co Cork) song “Princess Street” both delivered in his own inimitable style. Nice to see you again Ian as we know you are having a busy time.

Chris patrick was next up and fresh from his solo appearance from a fortnight ago ( when we closed for a week due to holidays etc) started with a song from 1988 which I hope was called “Any point of view but true” followed by “Too much his Own Man” I believe this were written as well as performed by Chris so once again well done ps the three people from a fortnight ago said Hi.

Jon Daure next up prior to his sojourn abroad and determined to put the aforementioned trial behind him gave us his version of “Dead Flowers” and after a tentative start launched into the “Urban Spaceman” which had all of us old enough to remember it singing along. You do get some knobble John but always take it in good part and give as good as you get as well as being second to none. Batman has his Robin and the other John, Nixon that is came up to bat and with all the trepidation of previous artists played a safe bat with Paul Wellers’ “Brand New Start” followed in his own inimitable style of Rock and Roll with “Better Move on” Great choice John and great delivery. JP up next Mr James Porter no less whose repertoire  is never ending, complete with his own guitar this week kicked off with “Stand by Me” By Ben E King before letting us have a never before heard track from the rolling stones (by the Blogger that is) “Dear Doctor” Excellent stuff James,  Our Birthday boy was next, as Graeme Morrell had joined us exactly a year ago and informed us his choice at that time was helping out at St Georges crypt or playing with a load of Dossers and guess what, we were privileged to win out that night. Graeme prides himself on never repeating material (as mentioned in previous blog) so tonight it was “We used to Know “ by Jethro Tull followed by a MC tune without a name that’s Mr Michael Chapman to the uneducated. We then had a well earned break before the Blogger again accompanied by Mike played two whistle tunes “Hare in the Corn” and “Morrisons” and then beating a dead calf skin into submission played the Bodhran. Phil was next up again and we had “From here to There” a self penned number I believe and  a Mr Taylors “You gotta Friend”

Mike then cracked on with a Dave Rawlings Machine “Ruby” and seeing as we had a duplicate in the first half was cajoled into his rendition of “Dead Flowers” excellent stuff from both of you.

Andee then gave us 3 Jigs”Rakes of Clonmel” “I Buried my Wife” and I hope “Andy Dejolis” and then rounded off with a beautiful slow air “Soft Mild Morning” Excellent stuff Andee.

Ian was back then with”Patience of Angels” by Boo and finished off with Nick Lowes’ “Cruel to be kind” a well remembered song.

Chris was next up with his second offering of “Long Way Back” before rounding his spot off with “Keeping the cold at Bay” excellent stuff Chris and please note there are no intended breaks between now and Xmas so please come back.

Nr Daure back on safe ground with Randy Bed Warmers “Just when I needed you Most” and an old favousite of Johns “Della and the Dealer”. Well done John and enjoy your break. Mr Rock and Rolla Nixon cracked on with “That’s all right Mama” and “Wonderwall” to great applause Mr Man in Black was up next James Porter, with a Damien Rice number “Nine Crimes” and a great song “My Girl” great stuff and choice James.

Graeme brought a great evening to a close with an early Al Stewart number “The Night of the Fourth of May” and what else a Michael Chapman number “Fool in the Night” to round off a great night and a hopefully good year for Graeme. See you all next week BCW

Posted on August 18, 2010 .