Well I wasn’t sure what to expect tonight with so many people on holiday, it didn’t look good at 8.45pm with only 5 people but just as the Blogger was preparing to start a few more trickled in.

Having endured the banjo last week it was time for Whistles and Bodhran this week. A slow air on the big whistle” Farewell to Govan” by Liam og O’Flynn followed by a request from my wife Kath for “Lonesome Boatman” by Finbar Furey later on the dreaded Bodhran got a chance to make a noise before a stilted start to “Lark” which I had conveniently forgot after playing for so many years before rounding off my spot with a lament for a piper”Roddy M’Court” Comb and paper in three weeks methinks.


Ruth and Tony were next up (Blackwater) there first offering was a song I had not heard before “Braw Sailing” a traditional number great on two guitars and harmonies followed by a number for Ruth’s Mother making a rare trip to the Swan. Complete with chorus “Over the Lancashire hills” by Stuart  Marson in the second spot and having been with them at the Ukulele Orchestra’s last outing in Wakefield they delivered a cracking version of David Bowies “Life on Mars” on two Lowdens before giving us a Richard Thompson song “Sun never Shines on the Poor”

John Daure was the next cab on the rank and looking resplendent in his suntan had brought his ovation to grace the Swan last night we then had a lovely version of Dylan’s “Simple twist of Fate” and then strangely enough an old favourite of mine “Just when I needed you most” by Randy Van Bedwarmer. John unfortunately couldn’t stay for the second half, but at least showed his partner in crime Nixy how one performs on ones own well done John.

Now then Graeme Morrell was up and as any one who regularly attends our session knows, Graeme is a devotee of Michael Chapman. Only this week Kath, Tony, Ruth and myself watched the great man (M C) that is on guitar heroes, so now had a measure of the original. Graeme then threw a curve ball and regaled us with a James Taylor /Carole King number “You gotta Friend” before settling into MC’s “No-one left to Care” In the second half Graeme unfortunately announced a song well known by half the audience who also have their Gods in music (Ivan Drever) No pressure then Graeme Drevers “Leaving Stoer” with a few tentative hiccups previously explained as “not yet ingrained” still a great attempt of a great tune. Back on familiar Ground we had a return to (MC) with the previously mentioned tune as witnessed on guitar heroes “Wellington the Skellington” a great tune complete with a reach for a slide part way through. Well done Graeme.

James Porter (Mr entertainment) was next up with his version of Dylan’s/Travelling Wilburys “Congratulations” and then the Kinks “Dead end Street” James’ second half treat was a Paul Simon number “Have a good time” before completing his set with a Rolling stones number “Spider and the Fly” Well done James yet again different styles that never cease to amaze me.

A couple of new faces graced us this week in the form of Liz Narey and Frances with John in tow. Liz contacted us through the Face Book site to see what we were about and complete with guitar gave us a lovely self penned number from my part of Ireland ”Ships out of Sligo” a song about the famine in 1845/47 in Ireland responsible for the mass immigration of the Irish people to the four corners of the world. Liz was then joined by her friend and fellow Silsden Singers Partner (I think) Frances to perform one of Frances’ self penned numbers written around the emotive feelings achieved whilst partaking in Tai-Chi. “Warm Silky love” In the second half Liz gave us Dylan’s “Forever Young” and again joined by Frances Finished their spot of with “Ocean” a song about another area of Ireland well known to the Blogger Ballintoy Harbour Well done to all of you and hopefully we will see you again on a Tuesday night. The night as we left it was rounded off by Ruth Tony and myself closing with one of Ruth’s own songs about a friend who left Sheffield to .live in Orkney. “Secrets” another week done and we will be absent next week from the pub due to some holidays that people are on. Regroup the week after and Kath and myself will join you the week after that. Enjoy yourselves it’s later than you think.  BCW


Posted on July 28, 2010 .