Monsoon Season in Addingham

Well 6 brave souls battled the Addingham monsoon season to bring their musical fayre to the masses at the Swan. It was a nice sit around session as a gaggle of girls had ensconced themselves in the corner and in view of the small number of us I thought they might batter us if we suggested they move. So taking a strategic back to the walls defensive stance in front of the fire we began.


First up the blogger sans guitar which is having a rest due to alternative tuning being imposed on it, but having dusted down my old Windsor banjo we sallied forth to strike fear into all music lovers. Ably abetted by my friend Mac we launched into a O’Carolan tune “Planxty George Brabazon” followed by “The Irish Washerwoman” and the “Rakes of Mallow” Undaunted by the lack of appreciation for such a lovely instrument it started the second half with a couple of reels “Jackie Colemans “ and “The Star o’Munster” and finished with a personal favourite “The Masons Apron”

Mike was next up having dumped the clown with the frying pan, Mike did a lovely version of Tom Waits’ “Hang down your head” and then sauntered nicely into “Motherland” an Alison Kraus Number covered by no less than Christy Moore and Blackwater to name a few, Mike was less than impressed with his scanning of this one but it sounded fine to us all in the room now joined by customers curious as to the strange gathering in the middle of the room. Mike gave us “Pancho and Lefty” a Chales Van Sandt song which gizmo and Mike do justice to before introducing a new song and name from Fionn Regan(hope I got that right) “Be Good or Begone” strange lyrics but a beautiful song none the less and well suited to Mikes’ style.

Andee was next up with her Harp, all previous nerves seem to shrink as Andee takes control of this beast of a machine and delicately weaves her fingers through its intricate tunings whilst answering questions from people who only have 6 strings to worry about. Andee presented us with “Princess Royal” and…….. seeing as how the blog started late (I cant remember the other tune but I WILL be corrected no doubt) In the Second Half Andee served up  a series of hornpipes (difficult it appears to us musos on a harp) with great aplomb first was “Coolies” and the “Tailors Twist followed by the recently renamed “Nellie” and rounded of brilliantly with “The Golden Castle”(you get the English version as I cant educate the masses on Gaelic) Well done Andee a lot went into that set.

Graeme was next up (having apologised for the rubbish pic taking of him last week) I then have to write a flowery prose by way of apology. A John Fogerty number (see won me over already) “Bad Moon Rising” great version of a personal favourite of mine followed by a new one on me by Mike Silva “How many Rivers” a really nice song that Graeme plays really well on his Martin Guitar. In the second half Graeme gave us a Ralph McTell number previously unheard of by the Blogger “My first song” a romantic ballad with a nice finger style. Not to be disappointed as I had already written the original artists name down was a Michael Chapman number entitled “Wrecked Again” (which Graeme introduced with an anecdote regarding the great man, libel law does not permit me to recant that here) All delivere in his inimitable style great stuff Graeme.

Nigel Smith was next up having changed from his executive suit into his toy story shirt gave us a bit of a false start and a taste of the weather “Fire and Rain” by James Taylor before abandoning this for a more beautiful ballad done as only Nigel can do Johnny Cash’s “Hurt” followed by another number that Nigel is stamping his mark on Ray Lamontagnes “Jolene” (Kath will be sorry she was in sunny Paris) Nigel then in resplendent cowboy shirt gave us a cowboy song “Narrow escape” well suited to Nigels voice and style before launching into a Damien Rice number which I know as “cant take my eye of you”(corrections please) Great Nigel and nice to see you back and performing. Now then James Porter rounded up both halves and never ceases to amaze this blogger with his wide ranging sound bites of popular music. No change this week as James gave us Ray Charles “Take these chains” followed by “I cant stop loving you” and in the final halve after which I had to leave or risk falling asleep, James gave us “In the Jailhouse now” by Jimmy Rodgers and more recently by “The Soggy Bottom Boys” before rounding up the second half with a Ray Charles number “Hit the Road Jack” great stuff James and It was still going when I had to leave (I know I was a lightweight this week ) so addendums welcome.  See you all again next week BCW

Posted on July 21, 2010 .