Fab Four

The Fab Four Comeback Tour


Well Swan Acoustic Sessions Tuesday night certainly had a Beatles feel to it as Phil Cockerham, Chris Patrick, Graeme Morrell and yours truly held the fort at an emaciated turkey fest.

The Pub was fairly busy although they were all in the other room(I think the were Phils’ Secret fanclub……More later) We patiently awaited the entry of our MC David who duly arrived bang on time.

Blogger was first up having picked his Blarge back up from the excellent Addingham Luthier mr P Barton but settled on the guitar for a poignant song “John Condon” in memory of the poor sod who lost his life to “Friendly Fire” now theres a phrase and  a half. John Condon being reputedly the youngest soldier to die in “The Great War” another fine phrase. This was followed by “Wild Horses” and was appreciated by the tableful which had taken post at the table by the fire.

A welcome return form Mr Chris Patrick who admitted it was cold so a few rousing numbers were required “Everybody Tells Lies” and followed by a Romantic tune a la Chris “Hard to Stop”

Phil Cockerham was back and was hopeful to sell some of his “Help for Heroes” charity CD’s (Rich pickings here then) Phil diligently then performed an old favourite of mine about his first day of school, for those that missed it, it’s on the Jukebox “Orangejuice and Cold Potatoe Stew” and then rounded his warm up spot with a track from the aforementioned CD “Hard World” a track with a Christmas message that transcends all the conflict for the past 2 millenia. Well done Phil but as we know that was just the warm up.

Graeme Morrell was next to perform for us and We waited with bated breath, those who read the blogs will be aware that Graeme was off a while back to see Mr Chapman, so Graeme started off with an Al Stewart number “Lindy goes to town” but on his old guitar not his recently acquired Gibson B series but the follow up track was a definite Michael Chapman number but with no name so the blogger and artistic licence have named it “Tribute”

Thanks Graeme.

At this point Nigel Stuck his head in to say Hello, and was immediately sieized by the………………Blogger and as Nigel is a renowned entrepreneur his sales skills were put to good use and he proceeded to sell the charity Cd and made regular trips back and forth for restock. Great Job Nigel and Phil was extremely grateful for your help.


Intermission (curtain falls)


Act 2

Blogger drags out his recently refurbished instrument and his Blarge and proceeded to play ably accompanied  by Graeme “The Masons Apron” and then for the first time ever…………………………………………………….. I broke a string ….. Thirty odd years of playing and now I break a string, time to retire methinks………anyway “Black is the colour” rounded up my final offering.

Chris returned with his inflatable fingers(had to be there) and gave us a tribute song again to old war heroes who returned to general apathy “Keeping the cold at bay” a self penned number and a poignant one when he explainedthe tale to me. Good stuff as always Chris. Chris finished with a song he states was written prior to our recent election but could have easily been written on the day “One sung sung to another old Tune” Excellent as always Chris.

Now then  our recently won over audience in the other room wanted to hear the songs they had been pressed into purchasing so we all retired to the other Room where Phil entertained our new friends with”100 New Year promises” a fantastic song about New Year resoloutions followed by a sing song “All Pull together” and another rendition of “Hard World”  Great stuff Phil and thanks to the Drama group for the purchases.


Back to our normal spot for our final spot and Mr Graeme Morrell rounded our night off with Al Stewarts’ “Old Admirals” and finished with “That time off Night” which it certainly was but was a fitting end to a curios night……………… but ………………wait…………Lets have a tune together and hey presto “Dennis Murphys and John Ryans were trotted out and the night came to  final close and we all retired to the carpark and tootled off home.  Thanks everyone for an interesting night.


Next week is the final swanacousticsession so lets make it a festive one.

Posted on December 9, 2010 .