A Banquet at Addingham




Having been in sunny Spain for quite some time, off and on (that’s off and on planes don’t get excited), it was a real shock to the system to step outside on Tuesday evening to be met with torrential rain, a cold South Westerly wind and dark skies. Nixi had offered to drive tonight so I could have more than two beverages.

Arriving at the Swan car park it was clearly going to be a BIG night. There were dozens of cars in the car park. Nixi said that they must be fans come to see him following his successful gig last Saturday at the Midland Hotel in DerbyandJoanville.  However the pub was devoid of acoustic fans as it seems the cars were owned by Metal Detector enthusiasts. So next week it’s Swan Heavy Metal Session.

Tonight’s gathering consisted of Smiley, and here I detract slightly, it was only later in the evening that I noted that our resident Uke player bears a very strong resemblance to the Dulux dog in the pub. Next time have a look, I’m serious. Of course the dog is better looking, more personable and howls in tune!  Sorry,  Smiley, his Irish buddy Dee Moore, Graeme M and his London buddy David Atrus and Nixi with his wannabe Spanish buddy, your truly, El Blogger.

We sat around for half an hour discussing Scapa Flow, shipwreck submarines and other highbrow topics waiting for others but at nine we gave up and started. Here a serious note from El Blogger, Pleeze Pleeze (stet) can we start at half eight.  Not so much for me, but at midnight Nixi turns into a pumpkin so we need to be home by then.

Main Course

First on tonight’s delectable menu Smiley and Dee. Smiley had his Green Mandaleeshi, and Dee borrowed by Martin, tuning it, and thereby rendering it useless to me. Being Halloweenish time they performed  JACKIE COLEMAN AND THE MONSTER MASH, which was mustard, and followed with MY SONS A PRAWN, which was good on its own  and even better with Mash and Mustard. Dee said we could find him on Wikipedia so I looked it up. You may not know this, I didn’t, but Devin Moore is a criminal from Alabama. In August 2005, Moore was convicted and was sentenced to death by lethal injection.  Let you off then Dee eh!!

Ell Blogger was next with a rambling, talking, Dylan, BALLAD OF FRANKIE LEE AND JUDAS PRIEST, which my wife thinks I perform better than Dylan, and she is always right and she said I had to praise myself because no one else would, like I said she’s always right, so I am, followed by I’LL BE YOUR BABY TONIGHT, from the same album, John Wesley Harding, released for the info of Graeme and David in 1967. I guessed at 1964/5 so not a long way out.

Next up, it’s Nixi!!!!.  His first offering was “IF I WERE A CARPENTER”, written, despite Smiley arguing differently, by Tim Hardin, and was followed by JOLENE, the White Stripes version and not the Dolly Parton version, Nixi doesn’t have the same wigs as Dolly, or indeed anything else.  As Nixi said, there are no gender barriers at Swan Accs so it’s perfectly acceptable to sing a song about being in love with another man, though why any man would be in love with Nixi defeats me. Ditto women!

Graeme M. Over time Graeme has morphed so much it’s very difficult to tell if he is Michael Chapman, Rod or Al Stewart (I get confused) or himself. Graham has a vast repertoire of songs mostly by Michael Morrel and Rod Stewart but he started us off tonight with a Justin Currie song. For those of you who don’t know, and I didn’t,  Justin Currie was born in Scotland on December 11, 1964 and was the bassist/vocalist/chief songwriter for Scottish folk-pop outfit Del Amitri. Unfortunately I can’t read the title of the song so I can’t tell you what it was but it was pretty good, Michael/Graeme followed this with a song he has been practising for weeks, the Beatles IN MY LIFE. Whilst it was musically very good, unfortunately, Graeme/ Michael forgot the words. Graeme/Michael said it was better last week. Unfortunately none of the regulars were there so we will never know!
Not to be dragged off Michael/Graeme stayed on the buffet to be joined by his pal David Atrus, a former Bingley lad now living in softland somewhere just outside Mill Hill, which is in North London, and from where my hero, Ray Davies came and indeed still resides.  David has a nice sounding Takamine and gave us a song by Mr Stewart, hero of Mr GM,  APPLE CIDER. I have to say that Graeme has performed this solo at SAS but this version goes to show that two guitars are better than one.  Please note Nix this rule does not always apply. This was followed by a Richard Thompson offering AL BOWLLEY’S IN HEAVEN. For those of you who didn’t know, and I didn’t, Albert Allick Bowlley was a popular Jazz guitarist, singer, and crooner in the United Kingdom during the 1930s, making more than 1,000 recordings between 1927 and 1941. Bowlly showcased a diverse range of material unsurpassed by any contemporary other than perhaps Bing Crosby. He was also a truly international recording artist. He was killed by the explosion of a parachute mine outside his flat in Jermyn Street, London during the Blitz. Again approaching remembrance Sunday this was a poignant song about young men and war.
Back up again (twice in one half) Smiley and Dee with PEACHES AND GREEN. This is on Dees CD which he brought and was trying to flog to a bunch of tight Yorkshiremen. That’s optimism for you. It goes without saying that he failed miserably. I would have bought one had they been free. Its  about a young man (Dee) and a young woman (Peaches) and something about Atlanta Georgia but I can’t remember what. .This was followed by CANDY SHOP a tale of a young boy whose sweet shop gets blown up during the troubles in Ireland. In all seriousness this was a moving song about how the troubles affected a young boy. We’ve all forgotten about the worst of time in Northern Ireland, and it’s not necessarily old age that has caused it, but they were horrendous and I hope to God they never come back.
Brian and Kath, This was always going to be good as Kath was involved. A very tuneful Mandolin ( I think) and Smileys home made guitar on FOR THE KIDS  by Frank Keenan. If you don’t know, and I didn’t, Frank Keenan (8 April 1858 - 24 February 1929) was a stage and screen actor and stage director and manager during the silent film era. He was among the first stage actors to star in Hollywood, and he pursued work in film features a number of years.  It seems he wrote Irish music as well. This was followed by a solo Dulux Dog… sorry that’s Brian, with a Manny Cohen song SISTERS OF MERCY. Next week Brian will be Howlin’ Wolf.

El Bloggeraro,  having not prepared four songs, not even two really, I improvised with a stunning version of KK’s ME AND BOBBY MCGEE followed by another KK song, HERE COMES THAT RAINBOW AGAIN. Fabulous!!!!  My wife said so, so there!

Nixi. Why is it that some smart arses, when asked what they are going to play, always answer, you’ll know this one.  Why would I? Nixi’s first rendition was very nice. You will know this one he said.  What’s it called I asked, I don’t want to talk about it he answered. Why not? Now neither you nor I know what it was!  However, and trust me it absolutely kills me to say this.   CUM ON FEEL THE NOIZE, might be grammatically bollocks, but this was a slow, mellow version and it was fantastic. Now I’m going to throw up!


Ok back again

Mick Graeme and David back with a Rod or Al Stewart number, I think they are the same person anyway, LIFE AND LIFE ONLY.  With Dave playing rhythm and Mick playing the lead, very tasty. Then a song by Reg Meuross,   You may not know this, and I didn’t,  Reg Meuross is a notable English singer and songwriter. His musical career began as The Panic Brothers, a duo with Richard Morton, which was formed in 1986. They recorded one album called 'In The Red' which was produced by Clive Gregson. Five years of successful touring and TV work followed, with appearances at Edinburgh, Glastonbury, Sidmouth and all the major British Festivals. Reg then went on to form The Flamingos who featured ex Graham Parker guitarist Martin Belmont, Bob Loveday from The Penguin Cafe Orchestra & Bob Geldof's Band & Alison Jones of The Barely Works. They recorded one album called 'Arrested'. In recent years Reg toured with and played in "Hank Wangford and The Lost Cowboys".  I always thought this guys second name Hangford, making his first name W…, perhaps better not go there. Any way its called  JESUS WEPT and again about war, this time the execution in WW1 of so called cowards by firing squad because mentally they simply couldn’t fight anymore. At this time of year we should always think about our armed forces fighting totally useless and pointless wars started as always by greedy politicians who are the real cowards in these matters. Very Moving!

Dee and Dulux, with a Dee self-penned number STIRRING AT THE SUN. I questioned this title, is it staring or stirring.  Dee said it was his Irish accent, put his hand to his eyes as if looking out and said Stirring. So stirring it is then. Dulux then went to drink his water and Dee finished with a stirring version of Joe Jackson IS SHE REALLY GOING OUT WITH HIM. Brill!!

Our amuse bouche was in the guise of James the jukebox Porter on  bloggers Martin with a Paolo Nutini number CANDY.  You may not know this, I didn’t, Paolo Giovanni Nutini (born 9 January 1987) is a Scottish singer, songwriter and musician from Paisley. Both his parents are Scottish, although his father is of Italian descent, from Barga, Tuscany, and his family has been in Scotland for three generations.  He followed and indeed wrapped up the night and paid the bill accompanied by the Dulux dog, or it might have been Brian, it’s hard to tell when it’s past my bedtime with the Stones, YOU CAN’T ALWAYS GET WHAT YOU WANT.

Well you can at SAS!!!


Ps. With a new web site with bags of room the blogger can now write even more rubbish to use up the space. I did

Posted on November 3, 2010 .