Match Day Blues

It was a cold November Night.
There was a programme on telly a couple of weeks ago about Neil Diamond. His best and biggest selling albums were recorded live at the Greek Theatre in Los Angeles.  One was Love at the Greek the other was Hot August Night, both are terrific. I first heard Hot August Night whilst in Holland (one of my favourite countries in the world, Just love the Satay), in 1975, the album having been released in 1972, Love at the Greek was released in 1977.  This put me on track to do some of Neil’s stuff, him being one of the most successful and prolific song writers of all time. I read somewhere that when he got divorced from his second wife he gave her half of his fortune of  two hundred million dollars because she had been with him when he had nothing and he said he didn’t begrudge it one bit.  That only left him with one hundred million dollars. Life’s hard, then you die!
Anyway, moving on to a cold November Night. Nix was driving and we arrived in time for the 8.30 start, Only Smiley Wylie was there drinking his usual water,  Sorry!!! It’s that bloody dog again. There was no one there,’cept Nixi and I.   Nixi was quick to buy a round.  As his company pays his mobile bill he rang Kath to see where the dog,  sorry!!!! Smiley was, and he was reliably informed one of them (either Smiles or the dog) had gone to watch Bradford City Amateur Football Club lose against St Joseph’s Junior Girls Hockey Team. As a slight aside here when I was a teenager the girls from St Josephs were always said to be ok for a “good time”. Unfortunately I never got the chance to find out, as I was busy with the birds from St Bedes, and at my age now never will. So, Sorry if you were one of those unlucky chicks in 1967, you’ll never know what you missed. And if you were at St Bedes, be grateful!  Be VERY grateful!
Back to a cold November Night. Reliable as ever Graeme M turned up as did our ever present master of ceremonies Mr McDave. Then the fun began. Hoards of people, a whole coach load of people suddenly and unexpectedly arrived. The place was packed.  Clearly the new web site is working.  You couldn’t get a gnat in the place.
The three of us and MC squashed into a corner for what turned out to be a bit of a jam session. The crowd quietened down, yours truly started with HELP, slowed down and far far better than Katie Whatever on the X factor, I would also point out that I did this version two years before Simon Cowell had to sell his Porsche and move back in with his Mummy. It’s a good thing I had a full time job otherwise I cuddabin a contender.
The applause, by the way, was deafening. Even with my much maligned hearing I could tell the crowd was pleased. Nixi followed with something as did Mr M.  Mr M probably did a song by Michael Chapman, I can’t remember because by now the throng was pushing us up against the wall. I’ve never seen so many people in a pub on a Tuesday. And, screaming for more.  I did Neil Diamond’s I’m a Believer, slowed right down, Nixi did Wild Horses, Mr M did something Michael Chapman style. I did something, Nixi did something and Mr M pulled over the music stand with no music on it and did an acoustic number,  Michael Chapman style.
Suffice it to say that this was the theme all evening, we all did one number at a time. Where we knew the chords we all joined in and where we didn’t know the chords we all joined in. What an atmosphere. What a crowd!
At some point Jimmy Jukebox came in, pushed his way through to where we were, commenting that the place was packed and was either Brian or the dog here. We told him we thought Brian was but we were not sure about the dog as we thought he had a game on at Valley Parade, Or perhaps that was Brian.
JJ gave us a song that we didn’t know how to play so we all joined in, with Nixi, having handed is axe to JJ, playing drums on the small space of table top that wasn’t overloaded with half empty glasses.
About half nine even more people arrived, some looked like they had been at the five a side at Valley Parade, so clearly nearly half of the team had turned up. There is a rumour that if you ring Valley Parade at half two on a Saturday you’re in with a chance of a game, bring your own boots.  As it happens, and this is true, one of the chairmen (I believe there are two) lives next door but one to me, If anyone wants a kick about I will ask him for you.
By 10.20 Nixi and I had had it. You could barely hear yourself sing out of tune, the bar was so packed you couldn’t get a beer, so we upped axes and left. What JJ and Mr.M. did along with MC I don’t know. 
It’s great to see so many people at SAS and it really was a great night with the audience begging for more, but personally I prefer the quieter nights where you get to hear other musikians and you can take the piss out of Smiley, or the dog!
ps. I will be in Espana next Tuesday so you can say what you like about me!

Posted on November 25, 2010 .