Double Trouble

Double Trouble


Well as promised we were on course for an early start at 8.35 minus our MC Dave. However with seconds to spare he came bounding through the door just as the Blogger was about to commence. In deference to Rememberance Sunday the first two numbers were tribute to the Fallen. The first offering was “ The Dying Soldier” a short song from the perpective of the soldier waiting for someone to help, this was followed by a favourite “John Condon” about the youngest soldier to fall in the Great War.

Next up was the first of our Duets tonight Larry Anderson and Adrian (sorry Adrian I didn’t get your surname) Larry did a solo spot first with the Leonard Cohen “The Story of Issaac” and then double bubble with Adrian complete with yet another excuse for Kath “my thumbs been cut by a guillotine” #excuse49. “Borderline” by John Hiatt C/W with harmonica and two guitars and two voices, value for money at Swan Acoustic. Larry and Adrian then rounded off their spot with a Physcotic cowboy song by Willy Nelson “Time of The Preacher” Great Stuff and  you are very welcome to come back Adrian.

Our next double act need little or no introduction, so they are not getting one.


The two Johns one with 12 strings(does that make them a trio) and calling themselves”BATHWATER” then regaled us with “Wild Wild Horses” a la stones and another Stones’  Dead Flowers they finished their first spot with a flamenco flourish…………………No not on the guitar John with his Boots of Spanish leather as each tried to get the other to finish great stuff from the two Ronnies, sorry Johns

All this in spite of the 12 string not knowing any of Mr Daures’ songs I thought it did remarkably well especially that new strap (yes Len it got its outing tonight)


Next up our stalwart Graeme Morrell with his “yellow Book” not sure of the significane in the colour of the books or how he files his songs but there was no MC in this one but a song from Hugh & Tony Williams called “People of the Heavens” a lovely song about a Zulu tribe containg a great line that we could all learn “Never take more than you need” and WE call them uneducated!!! Next up was “Rosemarys Sister” a lovely poignant song about two sisters in the blitz. Nice one Graeme.


James Porter rounded our first half off in inimitable style with Pauls Simons “Late in the Evening” and dedicated it to John Daure????? Then finshed the first half off with Claptons’ “Wonderful tonight” A short break ensued.


Round Two had the blogger wrestling with a capo and several key changes as he fought with the Harvey Andrews “The Soldier” a tribute to Sgt Witton who died protecting civilians from a bomb in N.I in the Early Seventies and finshed with a Christy Moore “Faithful Departed”


Larry & Adrian followed with a new on the blogger a Justin Hayward number titled “Railway Hotel” two guitars two voices wonderful stuff. They then proceeded into a two song Medley with a theme “RAIN” as Larry pointed out we don’t sing songs about THE BOMB anymore but Hey thank God. Anyway The Searchers “What have they done to the Rain” which led nicely into Dylans’ “Hard Rains gonna fall” Excellent stuff Larry & Adrian.

Bathwater were nextup with a classic “Cocaine” 18 strings two voices AND they finished together Brilliant(I personally preferred the Flamenco ending) and then rounded their spots off with “You cant always get what you want” but as JD says you can at The Swan.

Graeme back with his little Black Book this time and “Waiting for a train” by Rogers? And so as not to upset the Michael Chapman following he so carefully built up with his time at Swan Acoustic finished off with a finely polished version of MC’s “It aint So” excellent as always Graeme. James Porter then rounded our night off with two songs and an encore and we all still got home before midnight. James started with Carole Kings “Way over Yonder” then stopped and then started again prompted by Kath as the lyrics failed him. Back in his stride James strode through the rest of the song and followed it with a Stones’ number ”Out of Time” which became a singalong. James was then coaxed into a final number Donavans “Gold Watch Blues” and we then all retired homeward bound and getting in before midnight was definitely a bonus. See you all again 8.30 next week BCW

Posted on November 10, 2010 .