October 5 2010

Another great night at Swan Acoustic Session, some people turned up whom I wasn’t expecting and some old (Term used loosely) reappeared. First up was the blogger with Joni Mitchell’s “Magdalene Launderies” a sorry tale of repressed religion  and a fanatic faction of nuns. This was quickly followed by “The Sisters of Mercy” a Leonard Cohen song Murdered by yours truly.  Larry Anderson next fresh from regaling us of his trip to Chicago, Missi( Mrs M mrs I mrs s sI?) stuff it New Orleans. Gave us in his own inimitable style “Time” by Tom Waits and”I’m your Man” by I think Larry cotton Anderson. Larry was very disappointed in the music shop scene on his travels but did point out $500  got you a Martin.

Mike Craig was next up with guess what a new guitar that knew nothing and a new capo(like he needs one of them) Sheets size 16  font when he knows our standard is 14. New Orders’ “Love Vigilante” was forced upon his bucking guitar and it has to be said it handled it great, and whilst it was still reeling he managed a Bluegrass song in Nun Font(Will explain later JD) Dillard Chamber. Mikes new job is as a guitar wrangler.

Andee Craig up with her lovely harp and spotting Mikes handling of his Swiss army guitar, asked him to accompany her on “Glass of Beer” and “Humours of Tullagh”

 And “The Musical Priest” and “Gravel Walks”, sounded great Andee and no nerves.


Mr Stand up or Sit Down next Chris Patrick, who now gets asked if he is standing or sitting as a measure of volume or speed of his songs. Chris is one of our prolific writers and never ceases to entertain with his quest for “LOVE” so first up was “IfSexy isnt” a great start but the last line was “Sexy for me is……… Crumpet and Tea. We need to have a chat Chris….. our second offering from our minstrel was another self penned song called”I see through You” Excellent stuff as always Chris.

Graeme Morell next after making me look at my watch as he was early for once and then explained he was only here for the first half. He had brought his white album with him and pulled two gems from it the first by Richard Thompson “Genesis Hall” and what else but a Michael Chapman number “Among the trees” felt cheated tonight Graham but great stuff as always.

Rounding off the first half was Ian Taylor a Swan Stalwart who plays all my favouritr Lindisfarne numbers. Unfortunately his first offering contained a “CRAFT” moment and we had to wait for the second half for this one, but “Treat me Kindly” was a great substitute followed by Boo Hewerdine’s version of Ians “Patience of Angels” yes it is the right way round as Ian makes this his own.


Second half kicked off with a song of Revoloution by the Blogger”Blue is the colour” and “Building up and tearing England Down”

Larry then donned his neck brace and harp and let rip with “I dreamed I saw St Augustine apparently due to be recorded by Jimi Hendrix but was persuaded to record “All Along the Watchtower” which was some moderate hit for him pfffff. I did prefer Larrys version of this which was his next offering. Great scarf as well Larry and what a fantastic Cardigan wish I had one of them£5 next time you see me)

Mike back up  with a couple of favourites “Crooked Jack and some song about a motorcycle with red hair and black leather. Guitar sounded great Mike and voice held out …. Result.

Andee back up with “Soft Mild Morning” and  “The Morning Star” and the “Temperance Reel” any mistakes were Mikes new guitar (hee hee)

Chris Patrick had to follow the lovely harp playing and a great job he made of it”Its so Nice” and “Fall into my Hands of Love” Rounded up the penultimate act tonight.

Ian Taylor then saw us off into the night with the aforementioned CRAFT moment and gave us Alan Hulls “United States of Mind” and rounded the night off perfectly with Nick Lowe’s “Cruel to be Kind”

Our Mc David then reminded us that next week our landlord Ian and Team are receiving a CAMRA award at the pub at 8.30 and its 50p off a pint that night so see you all there.BCW

Posted on October 6, 2010 .