I am not sure if all the SAS regulars were under the impression that half term applied to acoustic evenings as well as schools, or if it was the knowledge that Mr & Mrs Wylie were somewhere in Ireland and a night at SAS without their presence was not to be contemplated (such is the magnetism of these two musical giants), but tonight could only be described as quiet. 

Blogger, MC Dave and two new faces was the sum total of the evening. The audience avidly watching the entertainment comprised MC Dave and the two players who were not performing at the time! Having said that, it was just after half time that the audience swelled dramatically by around 66% when Pete and his black Labrador came in. There was barely a whisper from the other bars which were quiet (it may be that they have read Rob’s recent blog!) so we took the opportunity to play without straining to make ourselves heard. 

Blogger was first and for those that have an interest in these things (no, I didn’t think that applied to you!) it was the yellow book tonight. David Gray’s “Babylon” was followed by a Michael Chapman instrumental entitled “Dewsbury Road”. 

Next up was a newcomer to SAS, Dave Tolson. Dave comes from Baildon and has been playing guitar for two years. He has been regularly taking lessons and practices two hours per day (we should all be doing that). He also plays in a small guitar ensemble but tonight was his first time solo. Obviously Dave is a stickler for perfection (artistic temperament!) and it was quite some time before he had managed to get the right height seat and the music stand adjusted accordingly (he even asked for a bottle of Moet et Chandon at 3.5deg to be in his dressing room next time he comes!). 

Dave played two Lennon & McCartney tunes, “Misery” (I think that was correct – my knowledge of the Beatles is not as good as it could be) and “Tip Of My Tongue”. No sign of nerves here Dave – good start. 

Our next performer was also new to SAS but has been to the previous club a couple of times over the ye

ars. Alan Higgins hails from Hartlepool and has a mobile home (currently parked on the Swan car park) in which he spends a very large proportion of the year travelling around this and other countries, mainly attending music festivals. Alan was not too keen on having his photo taken and it emerged that he is not into the internet (so I can say what I like about him!). 

Alan’s first offering was an excellent version of Ronan Keating’s “When You Say Nothing At All”. This was followed by a Brian Bedford song called “What’s The Use Of Wings If You Can’t Fly” – absolutely lovely. He did say that he plays a lot of songs written by people we would not have heard of – right so far (apart from Ronan). 

A fairly lengthy and very sociable break came to an end when Blogger got up once more. This time it was John Marty’s “May You Never” first. To finish was an instrumental version of the Beatles song “In My Life”. 

Dave Tolson came back to give us just one more tune - “If I Need Someone”, another Beatles song. Well done and very nice meeting you Dave - perhaps see you in a couple of weeks? 

Alan Higgins finished the evening off with three songs. Kieran Hartley’s “Angel of Paradise” (an anti-drinking song), an excellent version of Cole Porter’s (I have heard of him!) “Every Time We Say Goodbye”, and finally Graham Miles’s “Where Ravens Fly”, a beautiful song inspired by the Lake District. Do call in again when you are in the area and enjoy the rest of your travels. 

Another most enjoyable evening. Remember the old adage - quality not quantity. Hope to see you all next week. 

Graeme M 

Posted on October 28, 2010 .