The Lost Sheep Returneth

Well an exiciting start to the evening when a new face arrived tonight carrying what looked like a large sack on his back………..No it wasn’t Santa, it was Phil who had travelled all the way from Huddersfield with his Roland Piano but more later. The appearance of this beast caused much  mirth and merriment especially from our foreign correspondent fresh in from Spain.

Waiting for David (MC) to arrive gave us a chance to arrange the room, first up was Blogger who had just transposed his first offering just half an hour before Swan Acoustic and then realised his nemesis chord changed from a simple E chord to a B chord so under enamoured was he that he had to play it prior to the start of the song so that everyone knew what it should sound like. (Father Ted moment) Anyway “Dalesman Litany” a tale of two ditties and “Foxy Devil” a song about the perils of Whiskey drinking. Next up was John Daure now rant free and bringing a new song from Spain Elton Johns’ “Roy Rogers” I think John is having guitar lessons in Spain as his playing is improving everytime We hear it. This was followed by Paul Simons “Late in the Evening” both done excellently that guitar learns quick. Enjoy Spain John.  Mr Nixon up next looking drained from his D.I.Y experience but ready to unleash a bit of rock culture on S.A.S affecianados. Thin Lizzys “Dancing in the Moonlight” and The Police “Cant Stand Losing You” done as only John can do them Sublimely and succinctly. Both Johns had to leave early so as leaving them wanting more was the adage of the day it was mission accomplished.

Next up was our new boy Phil Sykes now firmly ensconced on his stool behind his Roland Keyboard,his first offering was a Roger Davies number “Old Fashioned Man” and then regaled us with a fantastic version of Tom Waits “In the neighbourhood”

Fantastic stuff Phil more in the second half . Len (what Blog) Harvey was next up and  brought us back to the heady days of world cup glory in the form of Donovans “Trying For The Sun” and then a another tasty bit of fingerpicking with Rolling & Rambling (The Death of Hank Williams) Excellent stuff as always Len.

Ruth and Tony up next (Blackwater) making a return trip back to the fold two tasty Lowdens and some lovely harmony in “Crown of London” a song about dissident covenanters being shipped abroad allegedly containing some nefarious WYLIES aboard it sank off Deerness, enough said about that but it was a cracking song. Their next offering was “Between the Wars” by Billy Bragg. Excellent stuff as always James Porter was next up  and carrying on from Len sang Hank Williams’ “You Win Again and then gave us a new one to the Blogger from Johnny Cash “Still Miss Someone” a great two songs from our own human jukebox.

Gloria returned from a recent bout of illness resplendent in a new hairstyle and fantastic leather skirt(for the fashion wary) as she teaches on a Tuesday it has been quite some time since she had been and well worth the wait. Bob Dylans “Lennie Bruce is Gone” and then her very own “Glad to be Here” and so were we what a great way to close the first half.

The Second half started with a somewhat depleted line up as both Johns and Len who were in obvious need of some beauty sleep made there excuses and left the stage to us YOUNGER ones (Hee Hee) David decided we could make this gap up by performing three songs in second half. Blogger then churned out Jack Savorettis’ “Dr Frankenstein and two Eagles numbers “Tequila Sunrise” and “Lying Eyes” Our Pianist was up next(note correct spelling Jon D) with a Gifford Rolf number “California Snow” and followed by another local songsmith “Can you feel owt Mrs Oldroyd” and finished his excellent spot with “We are always Glad to  see a man like Thee” fantastic stuff Phil and thank you for making the journey over from Huddersfield.

Blackwater next up again with  a Maddy Prior number “Bewcastle” followed by Trick Thompsons “Kings of Bohemia” (a favourite of mine) and finished with a flourish  They Might be Giants “Birdhouse in your Soul” Great stuff. The Swans Human Jukebox next up with “Louise” by Pete Seibel and a James Classic “Little Sparrow”(see our Jukebox) by Emma Jenkins and rounded off brilliantly with “Words” by the Bee Gees. Gloria stepped up to bring the night to a close with “Vincent Black Lightening” by Trick Thompson and launched into a self penned number “I met someone who hated me” and brought the whole night to a close with a medley of tunes on the flute accompanied by a dodgy blogger on guitar and Phil thrust into the fray on piano a great night  and great craic as always. Sorry you missed it Graham. Blogger absent next week see you all in two BCW ps Thanks for all the Birthday wishes.

Posted on October 20, 2010 .