The pub was packed, full of friendly faces, the expectation was palpable.

Only one man could bring a semblance of order to this good natured chaos.
MC, Ringmaster & Chief Whip Mr David Brimacombe arose to his full stature, issued the order of the night, and Swan Acoustic was now in Session.

Cap’n Wylie set the Pythonesk (if that is not a word – it is now) tone of the evening with ‘Always Look on the Bright Side of Life’. The faces of one or two folk aficionado audience members, uneducated to swanacousticsessions quirks, were a sight to behold. Brian lulled them by announcing ‘Bad Moon on the Rise’ and then hit them with the full roar Ian Paisley rendition….  Priceless.
The culture spot with Graeme Morrell, ‘One Time Thing’ (M. Chapman). An excellent song which describes one of the distractions for the travelling guitar player and journeyman, beautifully performed. ‘Bad, Bad LeRoy Brown’ (J. Croce) had people joining in the chorus, even the folkies abandoned all hope and joined in.

The irrepressible Chris Patrick ‘Til the Cows Come Home’ (C. Patrick) and a recently remembered song written some time ago ‘There, Their, They’re’ (C. Patrick 1956) Chris in full voice and energetic flight is never to be missed.

Gentleman Len Harvey, a Tommy Steele number ‘Singing the Blues’ (Guy Mitchell might have recorded it, as might Marty Robbins, and Man City supporters) Len obviously hit a chord as most of the audience sang along, word perfect. ‘Hello Mary Lou’, with improvised percussion from most of the audience, including the former folkies, went down a storm. Len – always a pleasure.

Last Orders to conclude the first session, (yes, I winced at that line) Mr Rob Watkins. ‘Two More Bottles of Wine’ (D. McClinton) and ‘Fort Worth Blues’, Steve Earle’s anthem to his departed mentor, Townes van Zandt. A great song, and a great performance to a hushed audience.

After a brief interlude Zoo Keeper Mr Brimacombe opened the box for the second session.

Buster Wylie ‘Hey Baby’ (B. Channel) and another pile-in-and-get-the-lungs-working ‘Knocking on Heavens Door’ (R. Dylan)

Graeme M. ‘Down Where the Drunkards Roll’ (R. Thompson) very apt, followed by a tremendous version of ‘Soulful Lady’ from the Fully Qualified Survivor CD (M.Chapman)

Chris P. A Lily Allan song ‘LND’, unknown to me so I played the Lily version, I preferred Chris’s, to complete his set, ‘Just for Fun’ (C. Patrick)

Rob W. ‘I might be Lonesome’ by Australian Troy Chamberlain, new on me, he can obviously write. ‘Angel from Montgomery’ (J. Prine) another favourite of mine.

Mr James Porter, the human jukebox, on his way home from a long day, with ‘The Boxer’ (P. Simon). I am reliably informed this was originally recorded by Simon & Garfield (the cat?) A great version of ‘I don’t Wanna Talk About It’ and to finish with Harry Nilsson’s ’Everybody’s talking at Me’. James, always good, always entertaining. How the hell does he remember all those songs?

The Boy band  WatkinsWylie let loud & loose with ‘Brown Eyed Girl’ (van Morrison) and Dead Flowers (Jagger/Keef), the ex folkies loved that!

To finish, Mr Brian Wylie unaccompanied, with ‘Parting Glass’. The song and performance said it all. Perfect, just perfect.

IDP a.k.a. ‘The Stroppy Blogger’

Congratulations to The Swan’s Ian & Nikki. Their impressive accolades now include the prestigious ‘CAMRA Award for The Pub of the Season’, and a listing in ‘The Good Beer Guide 2011’, long may you prosper.

Posted on October 12, 2010 .